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Lawyer in Poland provides legal services in Poland, for citizens and firms:

Legal services in Poland are provided in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and English. We cooperate in Poland with tax consultants, accountants and other specialists.



Polish lawyers provide legal services for businesses and citizens in Poland.


Services of a law firm in Poland


  • Legal Advice of a lawyer in Poland; Lawyer services in Poland, representation and defense in court: Family Law in Poland - legal services of a family lawyer in Poland (divorce, alimony, deprivation of parental rights, division of property, adoption), Civil Law in Poland - services of a civil lawyer in Poland, commercial law, Insurance Law in Poland - legal services of a insurance lawyer in Poland, tax law, administrative law, corporate law, inheritance law, bankruptcy and business restructuring, Criminal Law in Poland - legal protection of a criminal lawyer in Poland, international arbitration and other categories of cases. Enforcement of the decision of the Polish court and foreign courts in Poland; Legal Services for Foreigners in Poland;
  • Immigration Services to Poland: services of an immigration lawyer in Poland, methods of immigration to Poland, assistance in preparing, processing and submitting documents for immigration to Poland, obtaining a residence permit in Poland, Polish citizenship.
  • Registration of Inheritance in Poland for real estate and business, inheritance law in Poland - inheritance lawyer in Poland;
    Support of Real Estate Transactions in Poland (residential and commercial real estate), sale of real estate in Poland, real estate leasing, real estate lawyer in Poland;
  • Notary services in Poland: Polish notary services for companies and citizens, certification of rights and facts, certification of transactions, contracts and agreements, notarization of inheritance and certificates of inheritance, certification of copies of documents and documents of companies, certification of powers of attorney and authenticity of signatures for documents, executive notes; acceptance of securities and money for deposit, storage of documents;;
  • Business Registration in Poland (Sp.z oo, SA), preparation of constituent documents of the company, KRS, NIP, REGON, registration of companies and foreign representative offices, registration of investments, rental of the legal address of a company in Poland for registration and operation of a company, consulting services for businesses in Poland, preparing contracts for firms, preparing documents for registering a company, representing clients when registering a company in the National Court Register, M&A, Polish tax law, registering a branch of a company, registering a representative office of a foreign company, opening a bank account; Liquidation of the Company in Poland, the bankruptcy of the company, the restructuring of the business, Selling a Business in Poland, the business tax optimization in Poland;
  • Legal Services for Companies in Poland, preparation, analysis and preparation of contracts, support of commercial transactions, preparation of documents for employees; Legal Services for Foreign Business in Poland; investments in Poland (capital, real estate and other investments), legal advice for foreign companies, branches of foreign companies, adaptation of foreign business in Poland to the requirements of Polish law, administrative and legal assistance in the presentation of foreign products on the Polish market, obtaining permits for doing business and investments in Poland, obtaining permission to purchase real estate and companies in Poland, legal services of a criminal lawyer for economic crimes;
  • Accounting services in Poland for firms, entrepreneurs and citizens: consulting a Polish accountant, accounting for firms and entrepreneurs, preparing and submitting reports to tax and other authorities in Poland, processing primary documents, maintaining accounts and accounting, management accounting, personnel records and documentation on employees, control of payment of taxes and mandatory payments, preparation of payment documents, tax planning in Poland;
  • Intellectual Property in Poland, registration and protection of intellectual property, registration of transfer of copyrights, registration of trademarks;
  • Debt Collection in Poland from businesses and citizens in Poland, International Commercial Arbitration, claims in court, Madiation in Poland - settlement of debt obligations;
  • Obtaining Documents in Poland and abroad; legalization of documents and apostille on documents in Poland;
  • Translation Agency in Poland: Polish translator services, written translation of documents, certification of translation of documents by a notary, legal translation of documents in Poland.
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