Intellectual Property in Poland

Industrial and intellectual property in Poland, copyright - registration and protection.

Industrial and intellectual property in Poland, copyright

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An intellectual property lawyer in Poland provides legal services and provides full legal support for registration and protection of intellectual property and copyright in most provinces of Poland and abroad.


Copyright and intellectual property in Poland:



Legal services in intellectual property in Poland are provided in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. Intellectual property objects in Poland for which we provide legal services to our lawyers: trademark, scientific works, literature, phonograms, inventions, utility models, know-how, industrial designs, computer programs and software, databases and other intellectual property in the cities of Poland.


Intellectual property services in Poland:


  • Legal Advice for Intellectual Property
  • Search in the Database of intellectual property objects
  • Registration of Intellectual Property rights
  • Trademark Registration, international registration, preparation of documents for registration, legal assistance
  • Registration of Copyright on computer programs, literary works, musical works, works of art
  • Representation of the Copyright Owner
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Patent Disputes and Copyright Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Resolution
  • Termination of illegal use of intellectual property rights
  • Negotiation Support, development, conclusion of contracts
  • Licensing Agreements for the use of intellectual property, licensing fees
  • Development Expertise
  • Copyright Inheritance
  • Collection of Evidence of violation of intellectual property rights.