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Civil Law Attorney in Poland provides legal services in Polish civil law in cities of Poland in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English and other languages. Civil lawyers in Poland have extensive experience in representing clients in Polish civil law.


Civil Law - Civil lawyer in Poland:



Civil lawyers in Poland provide a wide range of legal services in civil law: legal advice, preparing legal documents for a court, preparing legal opinions on contracts, representing clients in disputes, mediation, representing interests in enforcement proceedings, negotiating, legal transaction support.


Specialization of Civil Lawyer in Poland:


  • Protection of rights to real estate and property;
  • Compensation for damage and compensation for traffic accidents;
  • Сollection of money under contracts;
  • Eviction from real estate, procedure for using real estate;
  • Compensation for the use of the premises;
  • Cancellation of joint property rights;
  • Setting and changing easement;
  • Inheritance Law;
  • Insurance Law;
  • Buying and Selling Real Estate.


Сivil lawyer is a guarantee of resolving complex legal situations. Our law firm specializes in professional legal advice on protecting the interests of clients, provides legal protection. In Poland or other EU countries, you can get professional legal assistance under civil law.