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An insurance lawyer in Poland provides legal assistance under Polish insurance law, legal support and protection of clients in the event of an insured event, in disputes with insurance companies in pre-trial procedure and through a court. Legal assistance and services under Polish insurance law are provided in cities of Poland in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. Polish insurance lawyers provide legal services in car insurance, cargo insurance, real estate insurance, property insurance, medical insurance: legal advice from an insurance lawyer, preparation of claims and other legal documents, participation in negotiations with an insurance company, representation in an insurance litigation court, recovery of insurance payments and more.


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Insurance in Poland is very well developed. The most common are medical, auto and life insurance. Medical insurance is insurance against a case of illness, accident, injury, poisoning, immediate life threat. To use such insurance you need to pay premiums every month.


There are two types of health insurance in the National Health Fund (NFZ) - compulsory and voluntary. Both groups of insured at the NFZ can use public health services on the same principles. Foreigners can use the state medical care equally with citizens who belong to one of the following groups: all employed in Poland; family members of the insured, as well as family members of the employed; refugees (refugee status must be recognized in Poland) and foreigners covered by additional protection and integration program in agreement with the family assistance center; unemployed registered at the Employment Center. Insurance may be used by family members of a registered unemployed if they are not insured; clergy - medical insurance contributions are paid by the clergy themselves or by the diocesan or monastic body; school-age children in custody guaranteed by the school, even if their parents are not allowed to stay in Poland; persons deprived of their liberty (in prison or under arrest); persons located in Poland and insured in the states of the European Union or the Schengen area.


In Poland, all legally employed persons are covered by compulsory health insurance. An employee and his family (spouse or children who are not personally insured, as, for example, do not work) can use medical services at state and non-state medical institutions free of charge, if indicated in the insurance. Medical services are free in non-governmental medical institutions only if this center or doctor has signed an agreement with NFZ. The employer must provide the new employed employee with health insurance. The employer reports the new employee to the Social Insurance Board (ZUS). For this purpose, the employer fills out special applications, after which each month he pays health insurance contributions from the employee's income. The family members of the insured person who can use medical services on the same grounds may be: a child (own child, spouse's child, adopted child, grandson, child with respect to whom the insured person is a legal guardian or foster parent) - until they are executed 18 years or continuing education up to 26 years; if the child has an opinion on disability - without age restrictions; spouse, parents, grandfathers, grandmothers - if they conduct a joint household with the insured person. Each insured is obligated to insure his family members if they do not have health insurance. Such insurance consists in transferring the data of his family members to his employer. Foreigners who are legally in Poland can use state medical care if they are insured voluntarily. A condition of voluntary medical insurance at NFZ is the fact of lawful residence in Poland. The premium is calculated as a percentage of total income. Each insured, regardless of the size of his contributions, has the right to the same medical care. To get medical services you need to present an insurance document.


Car insurance in Poland is very different from car insurance in other countries, and non-compliance with the rules can result in a fine of up to 1000 euros or a lawsuit from an insurance company for a large amount. Vehicle owners in Poland are obliged to purchase insurance from the first day of registration of a car in the country and extend the insurance during the entire life of the car. After the end of the old insurance, the new insurance should immediately begin to operate day in and day out. Finding a car under repair, in a garage in the winter, or you — on a business trip abroad — does not exempt from the obligation to insure yourself. The absence of a new policy from 1 to 3 days entails a fine - 800 zlotys, from 3 to 14 days - 2000 zlotys, and more than 14 - days already 4000 zlotys. In Poland, every car is required to have compulsory motor third party liability insurance - OC. This insurance covers damage to property, life and health of third parties. This is insurance to pay compensation for the damage caused by the perpetrator in the event that a person is found guilty of an accident.