Debt Collection in Poland

Debt collection in Poland from companies and citizens.

Debt lawyer in Poland, debt collection in Poland from companies and citizens

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Lawyer to collect debts in Poland has extensive experience in collecting debts from citizens and companies in the interests of creditors under contracts and by court decision in the cities of Poland.


Debt collection from companies in Poland:



Debt collection lawyer services in Poland is a complex of legal means and methods of legal influence on the debtor in Poland.


Debt collection services in Poland:


  • Legal Advice to a lawyer for debt collection in Poland
  • Debt Collection in Poland
  • Debt Collection in Court in Poland
  • Search for Assets of a Debtor in Poland
  • Execution of a Court Decision on debt collection in Poland.


Work on debt collection begins with the study of information about the debtor and other information that will be needed in the recovery process. Analysis of information about the debtor helps to choose the best solution for debt recovery. Our lawyers for debt collection provide debt recovery services for citizens and businesses. We carry out debt collection in Poland in the amount of $ 50,000 or more.


In the process of debt collection in Poland, we use our experience and the state coercion mechanism to fulfill our debt obligations in accordance with the law. Independent debt collection requires large financial expenditures, special knowledge, qualified lawyers, and efficient debt management systems.


Clients of our law office in Poland are citizens, banks, insurance companies, commercial companies, leasing companies, factoring companies, construction companies, utilities, car dealerships, real estate agencies, logistics companies and others. We conduct legal debt analysis, legal and financial analysis of debt documents, develop and use the best legal solutions for debt repayment.


Our advantages in debt collection in Poland: efficiency, experience and professionalism, saving time and money, minimizing costs, collecting and preliminary calculation of debt, recovery in court and legal support of a court decision on debt collection.