Business and counterparty verification

Business verification

Due Diligence and counterparty verification is the process of obtaining, analyzing, and legally evaluating data obtained from various sources. The purpose of conducting a legal review of the business is to study the real situation of the company and obtain objective information about the business, counterparty or partner, ensure maximum business security, assess legal and investment risks, check the legality of the company's activities, study commercial activities and check the financial condition of the business, collect information about competitive positions in the market and the business reputation of the company.


Verification of counterparties and partners is carried out on the basis of documents, as well as information received from various sources. The verification is designed to establish the compliance of the received information with certain characteristics, norms, standards and rules. Verification of partners and counterparties is usually carried out before cooperation, signing a contract, investing or buying a firm.

Business verification services:

  • study of information about the partner company or counterparty;
  • analysis of the firm's economic activity and the company's organizational structure, verification of the legal scheme of the company's management;
  • identification of risks for the purpose of effective legal protection of the company's interests;
  • verification of the company's activities and advantages over competitors;
  • verification the company's corporate history;
  • getting more information and confidence during negotiations;
  • analysis of indebtness and financial situation;
  • legal analysis of the company's documents for legality;
  • preparation of an opinion on the results of the counterparty company verification.


Legal review of the counterparty is necessary for companies before entering the domestic and international markets. Counterparty company verifications and monitoring of current business activities are necessary when buying and selling a business, when creating and conducting a joint business, in order to ensure security and minimize the risks associated with non-performance of obligations. Based on the results of the legal review of the business, attorneys and lawyers of the law firm will prepare a legal opinion on the results of the business verification and prepare recommendations.

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