Lawyer in Nikolaev

Lawyer in Nikolaev

The Law Firm in Nikolaev provide legal services for firms and citizens and legal assistance to a lawyer in Nikolaev. In addition to Nikolaev, legal services are provided by a lawyer in Kharkov, legal services in Kiev, other cities of Ukraine and abroad in Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and other countries. Attorneys at a law firm in Nikolaev have extensive legal experience and provide legal services to Ukrainian and foreign clients. Do you need a Lawyer in Nikolaev?

Legal Services in Nikolaev:

  • Legal Advice in Nikolaev; Preparation of Legal Documents for the court; Lawyer Services in Nikolaev in court, representation and protection of interestsLawyer Services for Foreigners;
  • Family Lawyer in Nikolaev: representation of interests in court, divorce (divorce of a foreign citizen), division of property, adoption (international adoption); Civil Law and civil disputes; Insurance Law, insurance disputes with insurance companies;
  • Inheritance in Nikolaev, registration of inheritance on citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, inheritance on real estate, inheritance lawyer, inheritance by law and inheritance under a will;
  • Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions in Nikolaev, legal support of real estate transactions for foreigners, opening an investment account for real estate purchase by a foreigner in a Ukrainian bank;

  • Debt Collection in Nikolaev, lawyer services for debt recovery under contracts; International Commercial Arbitration: protection and representation of the interests; Mediation;
  • Obtaining Certificates from the registry office in Nikolaev and the region, apostille and consular legalization of documents.

Nikolaev Lawyer

Nikolaev lawyers of a law firm provide legal services and assistance to clients in Nikolaev region, in Ukraine and abroad. Lawyers in Nikolaev provides legal services for business and commercial real estate: commercial real estate, business, land for construction and other facilities (a large database of commercial properties for sale in Ukraine and abroad).

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