Receiving Documents from Ukraine

Receiving Documents from Ukraine

We provide services for obtaining documents in Ukraine and abroad from the registry office, the archive, the higher educational institution, the police, the court, the tax police and other bodies. We provide assistance in obtaining documents from any city in Ukraine and from obtaining documents abroad. We render services in obtaining documents in Ukraine and abroad. The need to obtain duplicate documents is needed for various reasons.

Documents from Ukraine:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate of Divorce
  • Certificate of Death
  • Archive Certificate
  • Certificate of Marital Status
  • Certificate of no Criminal Record
  • Ukrainian Tax Number
  • Decision of the Court

Legalization of Documents in Ukraine

Certificates from the registry office and archival information are needed for various legal actions: inheritance registration – in order to confirm the family ties, to file a suit to the court for divorce, to confirm the nationality, to obtain a residence permit and citizenship and for another.

Translation Agency in Ukraine

Obtaining a court decision or a court verdict is necessary to confirm legal facts, to appeal a court decision, to collect alimony and for another. Often a court decision is necessary for submission to bodies abroad.


Certificate of no criminal record is necessary for the registration of a residence permit, for obtaining citizenship and for other purposes.

Immigration to Ukraine

Registration of the Ukrainian tax number in Ukraine is necessary for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners who want to buy real estate in Ukraine or a car, register a company, open an account with a bank and for other purposes. After receiving a duplicate of the document, we can put an apostille on the document, make a document translation into a foreign language and send you the document by an international courier service


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