Obtaining documents abroad for clients

Obtaining documents abroad

Specialists in obtaining documents abroad provide services for citizens and firms in obtaining legal documents abroad.

Obtaining certificates abroad


Our specialists in obtaining foreign documents will conduct legal advice on obtaining documents, search for information that is needed to obtain documents, correctly draw up powers of attorney and other documents for obtaining documents abroad, draw up documents for citizens and companies abroad from government agencies.


We provide legal services for obtaining documents abroad: certificates from registration authorities about birth, death, marriage, divorce, change of surname and name; documents from the court: court decisions, materials of court cases; documents from government tax authorities for individuals and companies; certificates of no criminal record of a citizen abroad and other legal documents.


A citizen or a representative by power of attorney can receive documents abroad from the registration authorities, the court, the tax service, the archive and other authorities. When issuing a power of attorney abroad with a notary, the power of attorney must be apostilled abroad or consular legalization of documents abroad must be made.


You cannot draw up and receive documents abroad without a notarized power of attorney. Only a representative of a person with a notarized power of attorney can officially obtain legal documents abroad. Often, documents obtained abroad without a power of attorney are fake and government authorities can verify them. If during the check it is established that the documents are fake or obtained illegally, then the persons who received these documents without personal presence and without a power of attorney may have big problems (criminal liability, deportation, cancellation of visas and residence permits abroad, etc.).

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