Lawyer Investigation in Ukraine

Lawyer Investigation in Ukraine

The Law Firm provides assistance to clients and provides an investigation service by a lawyer of various legal cases. Our lawyers have extensive legal experience in various areas of legal practice, establish legal facts, conduct legal advice, prepare documents for the court, police and other law enforcement agencies. More than 20 of our lawyers in Ukraine were formerly law enforcement officers (police investigators, SBU investigators, tax police investigators, law enforcement operatives, prosecutors and experts) who have more than 15 years of practical experience. To provide this service, we attract our partners: detective agencies, private detectives, experts and other specialists in Ukraine and abroad.

Investigation Services for Citizens:

  • Protection of Rights and Interests in an Unprofessional Criminal Investigation;
  • Identification of Facts of Adultery (infidelity of a husband or wife), identification of extramarital affairs, DNA test for paternity;
  • Investigation of Marriage Fraud and identification of marriage fraudsters;
  • Search for People who Disappeared, the search for people who are hiding;
  • Checking Children;
  • Search for Information about a Person and Lifestyle;
  • Collecting Information Dossiers per person;
  • Contact Identification;
  • Search for Witnesses and checking alibi;
  • Private Investigations of Criminal Offenses and Road Accidents, independent examination, conducting a private inspection of the scene of the incident, search, identification and fixing of evidence;
  • Search for Property and Assets of a Person (real estate, car, bank accounts, business), search for debtors and fraudsters;
  • Search for information and the place of registration of the person and the actual place of residence;
  • Search for information on the place of official and unofficial work of a person;
  • Checking a person for a criminal record;
  • Checking a person for bans on traveling abroad;
  • Search for information about a person in databases;
  • Verification of Documents;
  • Cyber Crime.

Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine

Investigation Services for Business:

  • Search and Identification of Property and Assets of the Debtor in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Checking Business Partners, obtaining information about firms;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Business Security;
  • Return of Monetary Assets;
  • Verification of Documents;
  • Transaction Security.

English-Speaking Lawyer in Ukraine

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