Legal investigation of legal situations

Legal investigation

The law firm provides assistance to clients who have applied for such a service as legal investigation in various legal cases.

Investigation Services

Our attorneys and lawyers are former law enforcement officers (police, tax police investigators, operational officers of various law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and experts) who have extensive practical experience. Also, to provide services in this area, we attract our partners: detective agencies, private detectives, experts and other specialists.

Legal investigation services:


  • protection of rights and interests in case of unprofessional investigation of criminal cases, in case of negligent attitude or unwillingness to investigate criminal cases; search for witnesses and verification of alibis; private investigations of criminal offences and road accidents, independent expertise, conducting a private inspection of accident sites, search, identification and recording of evidence;
  • search and identification of the debtor's (counterparty's) property and assets; search for the the person's property and assets (real estate, cars, bank accounts, business), search for debtors and fraudsters;
  • detection of adultery and facts of marital unfaithfulness (infidelity of the husband or wife), detection of extramarital affairs, DNA paternity testing;
  • investigation of marriage fraud and identification of marriage scammers;
  • search for people, search for people who are hiding;
  • collection of information dossier on a person; finding out information about a person and lifestyle; verification of children and adolescents; detection and identification of contacts of a person; finding out information about the place of registration of a person and about the actual place of residence; finding out information about the place of official and unofficial work of a person; verification of a person for a criminal record; verification of a person for bans on traveling abroad; search for information about a person in databases; verification of documents;
  • verification of companies and business counterparties, obtaining information about firms; Due Diligence; ensuring business security; transaction security.


The firm's attorneys understand all the subtleties and areas of legal practice and will be indispensable in establishing legal facts, conduct the necessary legal advice, prepare documents for presentation to the courts of various instances.


Unfortunately, it is not always possible to document a legal fact. In such cases, the proof of a legal fact takes place in court. For example, this proves the fact that citizens live in the same family and run a joint household; the legal fact of acknowledgement of paternity, adoption, registration or divorce; the fact that citizens are in kinship relations, joint ownership of property, and many others.


Conducting an advocatory investigation in order to establish a legal fact is necessary when entering into an inheritance, dividing common property, registering citizenship. An important part of the work of law firm employees is the search for debtors and debt collection. All the activities of our specialists in obtaining debts are always carried out only in strict compliance with the existing legal norms. Therefore, our clients are not only individuals, but also large banks, credit organizations, insurance and commercial companies.


Thanks to many years of impeccable work, the law firm has extensive contacts in various state and non-state structures, which allows you to attract any specialists necessary in this particular case to work on debt collection. As a result of diligent and painstaking work, each client's request for debt collection was brought to its logical end – that is, its repayment to the lender.


Given that attempts to independently repay the debt of both individuals and legal entities are a complex legal procedure, we advise you to contact our qualified specialists to provide this type of service. We are confident that such cooperation will be mutually beneficial. We will always be able to correctly analyze all aspects of the current situation and implement a set of measures that will result in the legal debt collection from the defaulter. 

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