Marriage Fraud

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Marriage scammers, investigation, marriage fraud

Modern internet and technology have simplified the search for a husband or wife to start a family. However, there are many marriage scammers online whose aim is to take control of the finances and belongings of unsuspecting victims. Marriage fraud is a serious issue that can have far-reaching consequences for all parties involved. Remote communication significantly facilitates the work of fraudsters and has turned into a profitable "business." Legal services play a crucial role in investigating and addressing marriage fraud.

Investigating marriage scams - Marriage Fraud:



Marriage fraud, also known as marriage scam or sham marriage, occurs when one or both parties enter into a marriage for fraudulent reasons, typically to gain some form of benefit or advantage.


Legal Services for Investigating Marriage Fraud:


  • Family Law Attorneys: Family law attorneys are often the first line of defense in cases of suspected marriage fraud. They can help individuals navigate the legal processes involved in divorce, annulment, or separation resulting from a fraudulent marriage.
  • Immigration Attorneys: In cases where marriage fraud is linked to immigration issues, immigration attorneys play a crucial role. They can assist immigration authorities in investigating suspicious marriages.
  • Private Investigators: Private investigators are hired to gather evidence and conduct surveillance in cases where there is a suspicion of marriage fraud. They can help uncover fraudulent activities and provide valuable evidence for legal proceedings.


Lawyers provide services to detect and expose marriage scammers, utilizing a combination of various measures: identity verification, photo verification, gathering dossiers on individuals, background checks, and database checks.


Fraudulent marriages can take various forms:


  • Immigration Fraud: One common form of marriage fraud is when an individual marries a foreign national solely for the purpose of helping them gain legal immigration status in a new country - "marriage of convenience."
  • Financial Gain: Some individuals enter into fraudulent marriages to exploit the financial benefits associated with marriage, such as tax breaks, insurance benefits, or access to the other party's assets.
  • Avoiding Deportation: In certain cases, individuals facing deportation may attempt to enter into a fraudulent marriage as a means of avoiding removal from the country.
  • Concealing Criminal Activities: Marriage fraud may also be used as a cover to hide criminal activities, such as money laundering or human trafficking.


Marital fraud is classified as fraud and is a criminal offense. Often, the victim enters into marriage with the scammer, after which the scammer obtains a portion of the assets through the court or extorts money. It is difficult to expose a marriage fraudster independently, so before entering into marriage or serious relationships, it is necessary to ensure the honesty of the bride and the reliability of the information about her. Marriage fraud is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach to investigation and resolution.