Criminal lawyer for the protection of citizens

Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is a specialist in criminal law and criminal procedure who has the right to engage in legal activity and protect the rights of citizens in criminal cases. Criminal lawyers of the law firm provides legal services for the legal protection of the rights and interests of citizens in criminal cases in 7 countries:


Categories of criminal cases: criminal offenses against life and health, crimes against freedom, honor and dignity, crimes against property, economic and tax crimes, crimes related to drug trafficking, crimes related to illegal circulation of weapons, crimes in the field of information security.

Criminal lawyer services:

  • legal advice from a lawyer in a criminal case;
  • meeting with a suspect or accused in a criminal case;
  • study of the materials of the criminal case;
  • participation in the interrogation of the suspect, the accused, in the conduct of investigative actions in a criminal case;
  • defense in court in a criminal case;
  • collection of evidence in a criminal case and facts;
  • conducting legal investigation and searching for information;
  • preparation of legal documents in a criminal case;
  • an appeal against a court verdict and more.
A criminal lawyer who has experience in criminal cases and a legal license to defend clients in criminal cases has the right to represent the interests and protect the rights of a client in a criminal case. A criminal lawyer can enter into criminal proceedings and participate in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal process. The suspect, the accused, the defendant may have several criminal lawyers. A criminal lawyer has no right to disclose information that became known to him in the performance of his official duties to protect a client in a criminal case as a criminal lawyer.

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