Criminal lawyer in Turkey

Criminal lawyer in Turkey, defense in court in criminal cases, protection of interests in criminal offenses in court, prosecutor's office, police.

Criminal law of Turkey, criminal lawyer in Turkey in criminal cases, crime, defense

Turkey, a vibrant and culturally rich nation located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has a complex legal system. Within this legal framework, criminal defense lawyers in Turkey play a crucial role in upholding justice, defending the rights of individuals accused of criminal offenses, and ensuring a fair trial for all.


Criminal law - Criminal lawyer in Turkey:



Professional criminal lawyer in Turkey, defense in criminal cases in the police, prosecutor's office, and court in Turkey. Criminal defense lawyers in Turkey provide legal services to Turkish citizens and foreigners in criminal law defense in various cities in Turkey.


Legal protection in criminal cases in Turkey:


  • Consultation with a criminal lawyer;
  • Study of materials of criminal cases, participation in interrogations, collection of evidence, examination of protocols;
  • Defense in criminal cases in Turkish courts, representation in court;
  • Appeal of court verdicts and preparation of complaints..


A criminal lawyer specializes in representing individuals or organizations facing criminal charges. Our criminal lawyers in Turkey provide defense for clients in various types of crimes and protect the rights and interests of suspects, defendants, accused individuals, and victims in court, police, and other authorities in Turkey.


A skilled criminal lawyer will scrutinize every aspect of the investigation, ensuring that the authorities adhere to legal protocols and that their client's rights are protected. Additionally, criminal lawyers in Turkey may negotiate with prosecutors to secure favorable plea bargains or explore alternatives to trial.


A criminal lawyer in Turkey provides defense in the following types of criminal offenses: murder, bodily harm, hooliganism, theft and robbery, extortion, illegal drug and weapon trade, prostitution and human trafficking, smuggling, road traffic accidents with serious consequences, fraud.


If the case proceeds to trial, a criminal lawyer becomes the voice of their client in the courtroom. They build a strong defense strategy, cross-examine witnesses, present evidence, and challenge the prosecution's arguments. Only an experienced Turkish criminal lawyer can provide professional legal defense in criminal cases and protect you when facing criminal liability.