Notary Translation for citizens and business

Notary Translation

Notarization of the translation gives the document legal force. A document that is certified by a notary becomes equivalent to the original.


Notarization of a translation is a special execution of official documents in order to submit them to the official authorities of another country or to submit foreign documents to Ukrainian authorities and organizations.

Translators who conduct official translation of documents are qualified specialists with a diploma of a translator. When notarizing the translation of a document, the notary confirms the authenticity of the translator's signature on the translation of the document with the personal presence of the translator. Notarization of translation of a document in Ukraine is carried out only on official documents. In order for a legal document to be recognized as authentic in the country of use, the notary must take into account all the features of the design and preparation of the document, which require diplomatic missions of foreign states.

Powers of attorney and statements in the text, in addition to the name, surname indicated in the passport, may also contain their foreign interpretations. In legal documents it is impossible to abbreviate the name and surname. The date of execution of the document is indicated at the beginning or at the end of the document. In the text of the document, it is necessary to indicate the state bodies to which the authorized person will contact.

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