Debt collection for companies and citizens

Debt Collection

Debt collection services are provided by professional lawyers for the collection of debts and other debts under contracts from businesses and citizens.

Debt collection services


Debt collection lawyers provide legal advice on debt collection, legal analysis of documents and causes of debt, preparation of documents for opening a collection procedure, preparation of an action plan for debt collection, settlement of debt obligations, search for debtor's assets for debt collection, seizure of the debtor's assets and property, debt collection through the courts and the conduct of debt collection cases in court, conduct of cases in international commercial arbitration, support of enforcement proceedings and the execution of court decisions on debt collection (foreign courts) on debt collection abroad. 


Our debt lawyers work on debt collection for: insurance companies, banks and credit organizations, leasing companies, factoring companies and for other companies that have a need to collect debts from contractors under contracts.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in legal debt collection. In most cases, we bring the debt collection process to a real collection. Debt collection activities are carried out in strict accordance with the law.

Debt collection abroad requires large expenses and professional lawyers who have experience in these legal cases. Debt collection lawyers help clients collect debts from overseas debtors. Our debt collection attorneys have extensive experience in collecting debts and debts from individuals and firms abroad.

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