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Cost of Legal Services

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Law Firm Rubicon provides only paid legal and other services. Professional legal services can not be free or cheap. The client, when applying for legal services, is interested in resolving his issue and should be ready to pay for rendering such services. The logic of choosing the cheapest offer in the market of legal services and services for business does not justify itself.

Cost of Legal Services: 

Cost of our legal services is based on the experience and knowledge of our lawyers. We also take into account the specifics of each legal case and the time of the lawyer's work in the case


We offer our customers various convenient forms of payment for legal services.


Have you got a question, or do you need to get advice, clarify the information and cost of the Law Firm services, information about services, procedures and methods of payment for them, to clarify the contacts of our legal office in Ukraine branches of legal company or other data on affiliates or partners in the region which interests you, you can always contact us in any way convenient for you and to clarify all the necessary information.

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