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A notary is a qualified lawyer authorized by the state, who has been given special powers to certify the will of the parties to various agreements, issue citizens ’inheritance rights, contracts, certify copies of documents and legal acts, certifies facts and rights. The notary conducts independent notarial activities. The notary guarantees the compliance of the document that is drawn up with the current legislation.

Notary services in Ukraine:

  • Certificate of contractsreal estate sale agreement, real estate donation agreement, real estate rental agreement, real estate mortgage agreement, real estate title agreement, car rental agreement, car sale agreement, marriage contract between spouses, constituent agreement of a company, money loan agreement, inheritance agreement, section agreement property, property management contract and other contracts
  • Certification of powers of attorneypower of attorney for representation of interests in court and authorities, power of attorney for property management, power of attorney for property management and other powers of attorney
  • Certification of signatures on documentsbank card, company charter, application and other documents
  • Registration of inheritance: registration of inheritance under a will, registration of inheritance by law, protection of inheritance, issuance of a certificate of inheritance
  • Other notarial actionsissuing a certificate for real estate, issuing duplicates of notarial documents, imposing and lifting bans and arrest of real estate and cars, certifying the correctness of copies of documents and certificates, certifying the translation of documents, issuing certificates, transferring applications to citizens and companies, accepting documents for storage
A notary has the right to conduct notarial activities on the basis of a license to engage in notarial activities. Notarial actions in Ukraine are assigned to notaries. Notary services in Ukraine are provided by a private notary and public notary. Abroad notarial actions are performed by consular and diplomatic institutions of Ukraine abroad.
Notaries provide clients with legal and notarial services in various cases. When providing notarial services, you may need other services: restoration of documents and certificates, legalization of documents and apostille, translation of documents in the translation agency, protection of inters in court, business registration and more.

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