Marriage fraud lawyer investigation

Marriage fraud

Modern Internet technologies have made it very easy to find a husband or wife to start a family. But on the Internet there are a huge number of marriage scammers, whose purpose is to seize the finances or property of a gullible victim. Remote communication greatly facilitates the work of scammers and has turned into a very profitable "business".


We provide services for detecting and exposing marriage scammers and use a set of different measures for that: checking the identity and photos, collecting dossiers on a person, checking the past, checking databases, and more.


Marriage scams are classified as fraud and are a criminal criminal offense - an act punishable under criminal law. Marriage or family scammers choose victims who have money, other material goods and gain the victim's confidence. Often the victim marries a scammer, after which the scammer receives part of the property through the court or receives money through blackmail.


There are a large number of fake marriage agencies on the Internet that organize scams against foreign men and women. Marriage scammers get money out of foreigners in various ways: paying for online chat, buying gifts for the bride, paying for interpreter's services and in other ways. In this regard, foreign grooms and their friends often contact our law firm with a request to check the marriage agency and the bride.


Independently, it is very difficult to expose a marriage scammer, and therefore, before entering into a marriage or serious relationship, you need to make sure that the bride is honest and the information about her is reliable. In the case of rapid development of personal relationship, if you know little about the past life of the chosen one, it is better not to rush and use the services of professionals to collect and verify information.


Attorneys, lawyers, detectives, and experts of the law firm have many years of experience in identifying marriage scams and scammers, as well as experience in countering marriage scammers. We investigate marriage scams and know all the tricks of scammers.
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