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Investment Bank Account

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Foreign companies or foreign citizens who want to buy a business, residential or commercial property, a Ukrainian company or finance another investment project need an investment account with a bank in Ukraine. An investment account is needed by a foreigner who has decided to buy residential or commercial real estate in Ukraine. Through an investment account for the purchase of real estate by a foreigner in Ukraine, a foreigner can buy real estate (apartment, house, commercial real estate). Opening an investment account in a Ukrainian bank is necessary for safe payments for the purchase of real estate and for the absence of problems in taxing real estate transactions with the participation of a non-resident of Ukraine (no penalties, taxation of real estate purchase, no requirement to confirm the legality of money for the purchase of real estate).



Transactions on the purchase of a business and real estate by foreign buyers must be carried out correctly in compliance with all requirements of Ukrainian legislation, since incorrect conduct and execution of a transaction, as well as incorrect opening of an investment account for the purchase of a business and real estate making investments, can lead to significant financial losses and result in legal liability as well as entail other problems and negative consequences for the business and the investor. Our lawyers provide legal services for opening an account for the purchase of a business and real estate through foreign investment. This legal service consists of legal advice of lawyers and law experts of a law firm, preparation of a package of documents for opening an account, support for making investments for the purchase of a company and real estate, filing of correctly executed documents with a bank, legal support of a transaction with corporate rights when purchasing firms and real estate that are an investment object:



Very often, foreign companies and foreign clients want to purchase commercial real estate, a business or invest in commercial objects in Ukraine to expand their business and make a profit. Our law firm also provides clients with additional services related to investing in real estate, related to investing in business and other issues: translation of documents at a translation agency from a foreign language, notarization of translation of documents, legal advice on taxes, purchase and re-registration of a business, legal support of transactions, opening investment accounts in a bank, notary services for re-registration of ownership of real estate and business, Due Diligence and other legal services. We provide legal services for business support transactions in Ukraine and abroad.

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