Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate agency. Services for buying and selling real estate. Residential real estate for citizens and foreigners. Realtor and real estate agent services.

Services for buying and selling real estate, residential real estate

Real estate agency provides professional services in the commercial and residential real estate market for Ukrainian and foreign clients. Our experts provide full legal and information and advice support to the clients for the purchase and sale of residential real estate in Ukraine.


Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate:


  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Lithuania
  • Ireland
  • Czech
  • Portugal
  • Cyprus


We support clients at the stage of searching for a real estate for purchase and searching for a buyer, prepare and collect all the documents necessary for the transaction, as well as support the process of a purchase and sale transaction execution and re-registration of the ownership of residential real estate for a new owner. We provide services to the clients at purchase real estate abroad in more than 20 countries. Some of our real estate offers.


Residential Real Estate Objects for Sale:


  • Apartments in the primary real estate market - purchase of residential real estate from the developer - construction company;
  • Apartments in the secondary real estate market - purchase of residential real estate from owners - private individuals;
  • Houses from the developer and individuals, other objects.


Services in the residential real estate market:


  • Information and consulting support for residential real estate matters;
  • Selection of residential real estate options for purchase at the request of the client (with characteristics of interest to the client);
  • Search for a buyer for residential real estate sale;
  • Legal Advice on real estate matters, conducting transactions and re-registration of residential real estate, legal verification of real estate;
  • Purchase of Real Estate for Foreign Citizens: preparation of documents, execution of power of attorney, translation of documents into Ukrainian with notarization of the translation of documents, registration of the Ukrainian tax number - TIN, оpening an investment account in a bank for real estate purchase, registration of ownership of a foreign citizen;
  • Preparation of documents for the transaction of sale of residential real estate, registration of transaction with residential real estate at a notary, legal support of the transaction, registration of real estate for a new owner;
  • Real Estate Selling Abroad;
  • Legal support for investment projects and other residential real estate services.


Our experts work with a large number of construction companies and developers. We always have options for buying residential real estate from the developer - in the primary market, as well as many options for buying real estate from direct owners in the secondary residential real estate market.

When buying residential real estate by foreign citizens, our experts provide foreign clients with additional services: translation services, lawyer services for various legal issues, business registration and legal support for the company, registration of a residence permit in Ukraine and other services.