Business Registration in Ukraine

Business Registration in Ukraine

Do you want to register a business? Do you need legal assistance in registering a company? Lawyers of our law firm will provide legal services for company registration.

Company Registration in Ukraine

  • Legal Advice on Business Rregistration
  • Recommendations for choosing the most optimal form of ownership;
  • Development and preparation of company documents, execution of documents and certification by a notary;
  • Registration of the company;
  • Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions;
  • Opening a Bank Account and other.

Ddebt Collection in Ukraine

Before creating a business it is necessary to determine the types of the firm's activity, the organizational and legal form of the company, the way and order of formation of the company's capital, the way of participating in the management of the company, what licenses and permits are needed and other issues.

Forms of Business Organization in Ukraine

  • Limited Liability Company - LLC (convenient and simple organizational and legal form of business organization, which allows you to conduct convenient control over the business and money; the company is liable to the full extent of its property);
  • Joint Stock Companies are of two types: public joint-stock company and private joint-stock company, joint-stock company is liable to the full extent of its property, a public joint-stock company can sell its shares both freely on the market and by private placement, and a private joint-stock company the company can only place shares privately, in a private joint-stock company there can not be more than 100 shareholders);
  • Representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine (the foreign company acts as the founder of a foreign representative office);
  • Private Enterprise (created at the expense of property of individuals, the authorized capital is not needed, in the event of a debt, its founders are subsidiary responsible for the debts of a private enterprise);
  • Private Entrepreneur (you do not need to register the charter and other constituent documents, in the event of a debt or loss the entrepreneur is responsible to creditors with all his personal property, a Ukrainian citizen or a foreigner with a residence permit can be registered as an entrepreneur).

Investments in Ukraine

We will help you register: a bank, a financial company, an insurance company, a credit union, a leasing company, a public organization (charitable foundation).

Business Registration in English

We will also provide legal support in the issues of issuing the necessary licenses, permits, legal support for the purchase of companies and operating business. In addition, the company's lawyers register foreign investments.

Legal Support of Business in Ukraine

The firm's lawyers provide legal services for registering business abroad. Our lawyers will help you register any organizational and legal form of business you are interested in abroad. We provide legal services for the registration of companies in 20 countries.

International Commercial Arbitration

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