Adultery and identification of adultery


Recently, marital infidelity has become a widespread phenomenon and it is very common for one party in a relationship to have fears of infidelity (adultery or cheating in a personal relationship), fears of marital fraud, and a desire or need to learn about the fact of infidelity or to see if the other party is honest.


The adultery in most cases jeopardizes relationships, leads to family breakdown, causes jealousy and leads to many other negative consequences, which can affect children, parents, other loved ones, can affect psychological health, and can eventually lead to the break-up of the family and the end of the relationship.


If you are interested in the lifestyle of your other half (husband or wife, someone with whom you are in serious relationships), our specialists can help you to get reliable and verified information. This involves a range of activities to identify adultery or to establish the absence of adultery. We will conduct a special check to establish the presence or absence of the fact of adultery. As a result, the client receives evidence of the absence or presence of adultery.


The materials and evidence collected by our specialists can subsequently become important arguments in the conduct of divorce proceedings in court (divorce), as a characteristic of a person's personality and moral qualities, and can also affect a number of other issues as a result of revealing marital infidelity (division of property, participation in the upbringing of children, alimony, establishment or appeal of paternity, etc.). The evidence obtained will help the client to make the right decision aimed at strengthening personal and family relationships or at breaking them and ending - divorce due to adultery.


Our lawyers, attorneys, detectives and other specialists will help to establish the truth and to understand such difficult family and personal situations. We will help our clients to find peace of mind and to confirm or to reject their suspicions.
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