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The adoption lawyer provides legal services and legal support for the adoption of children by Ukrainian citize, citizens of Ukraine living abroad and foreigners.

Adoption Lawyer Services:

  • legal advice of an adoption lawyer;
  • legal advice on international adoption;
  • legal support of adoption;
  • development and filing of an action in court on adoption;
  • representation in the adoption court;
  • preparation and execution of documents for adoption;
  • obtaining consent of the child's parents, guardians or guardianship authority;
  • preparation of an application for assigning the adopted person's surname to the adopted child (changing the date of birth, place of birth, first and last name) and recording the adoptive parents as the parents of the adopted child and other services.

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Requirements to the adopter: the adopter must be an adult and capable person; the adopter must be older than the child who is adopted; the adopter must be at least twenty-one years old (with the exception of a relative of the child); the age difference between the adopter and the child can not exceed forty-five years; with the adoption of an adult, the age difference can not be less than eighteen years The application for adoption is submitted by the candidate for adoption to the court at the place of residence of the child.

Documents for the adoption of the child:

  • the application for the adoption of the adoptive parent as a candidate for the adoption of the child;
  • documents on the incomes and financial situation of the adopters (an extract from the bank, data on wages and other incomes, a declaration on payment of taxes);
  • birth certificates of the child's adoptive parents;
  • the marriage certificate of the child's adoptive parents;
  • a certificate of the health status of the adopters (medical report);
  • consent of the second spouse for the adoption of the child (if the adopter is one of the spouses);
  • a certificate of criminal record;
  • the conclusion of a social service or competent authority about the confirmation of the possibility of being the adoptive parents of the child;
  • permission of the competent authority of the country of residence of the adopter to enter the permanent place of residence of the adopted child;
  • passport or other document that confirms the identity of the adopters;
  • documents on the right of ownership or the right to use living quarters;
  • the obligation of adoptive parents to register a child in the Consulate of Ukraine abroad or in the diplomatic mission of Ukraine and other documents.

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Adoption without parental consent is carried out in such cases: the parents of the child are unknown; parents are recognized missing or missing; parents recognized incompetent; parents are deprived of parental rights; parents do not live with the child for more than six months (without valid reasons) and do not show parental care to the child, do not bring up and do not have a child.

Stages of adoption of the child:

  • Foreigners who want to adopt a child in Ukraine, submit documents for adoption to the Department for the Adoption of Children of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine (after studying the documents, foreigners are registered as candidates for adoption). Adoptive parents are given directions to get acquainted with the child.
  • After acquaintance with the child, the head of the institution where the child is is preparing documents on the possibility of the adoptive parents being the parents of the child.
  • Adoption of a child by foreigners in Ukraine is carried out in a judicial procedure. The statement of claim with the court together with the documents for adoption are submitted to the court at the place of residence of the child. The decision on the adoption of a child by an alien is taken by the court. After receiving the court decision, foster parents must personally take the minor child from the children's institution.
  • A copy of the court decision on the adoption of the child is sent by the court to the registry office. After the state registration of adoption for the child a new birth certificate is issued. A person who has been adopted has the right after fourteen years to receive information about his adoption.
  • After adoption, the child will be registered for travel abroad for permanent residence. Documents of the child that are issued in Ukraine must be apostilled. After the arrival of the child for residence abroad, adoptive parents are required to register a child in the Ukrina Consulate abroad. 

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Documents that are submitted by foreigners for adoption must be legalized for Ukraine (an Apostille stamp is placed). After that, the documents are translated from foreign into Ukrainian and the translation of documents is notarized by a Ukrainian notary in Ukraine.

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