Registration of inheritance for citizens and foreigners

Registration of Inheritance

The law firm provides services in inheritance law and services for the registration of inheritance.

Inheritance services


Inheritance lawyers provide legal services and support for legalization of inheritance for citizens, legal advice on legalization of inheritance, preparation of documents for registration of inheritance, registration of inheritance rights to real estate (apartments, house, commercial real estate, building, land), registration of inheritance rights to business (share in the authorized capital of the company, shares), inheritance for money (money, bank account, dividends, insurance payments).


When registering an inheritance, lawyers and other specialists provide additional services when registering an inheritance: obtaining documents, preparing documents for registering an inheritance, translating documents from foreign and into foreign languages, notarization of translation of documents, appraisal services for real estate, land, business for registration of an inheritance, notary services for the registration of inheritance, services for the payment of taxes and other official payments and fees; representation by inheritance in court: restoration of terms for accepting an inheritance through a court, establishing legal facts and kinship, living with one family, establishing ownership of an inheritance in court, increasing a share in an inheritance, depriving an inheritor, dividing an inheritance between heirs through a court.


The cost of formalizing an inheritance, notary fees, taxes when registering an inheritance, official payments and benefits when registering an inheritance depends on the degree of relationship of the heir with the testator, as well as on the legislation of a particular country. All expenses for the registration of an inheritance can be divided into several categories: expenses for processing documents and certificates, expenses for opening and maintaining an inheritance case, expenses related to the inheritance object, and official payments and taxes. The price of legal services for the registration of the inheritance does not include and additional costs are paid: state duty and court costs when registering an inheritance, official payments and taxes when registering an inheritance, postal and courier services, services of a notary for registering an inheritance, translation agency services for translating documents for registration inheritance. A private notary takes a fee under an agreement with a client and determines the amount of payment individually.


In addition, the notary provides services: certification of the authenticity of the signature on documents, permits, applications and other documents, transfer of the application of individuals and legal entities to other persons, certification of the constituent documents of the company and the authenticity of the signature on the charter, certification of signatures on contracts, execution of the executive notary's inscription, certification of the will, notarization of copies of certificates, certificates, diplomas and other documents, certification of the translator's signature on the translation of the document, departure of the notary to the place of the notarial act, notarization of other agreements, contracts, obligations and statements.

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