Inheritance in Turkey

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Inheritance is a deeply rooted aspect of Turkish culture, reflecting both the country's rich historical traditions and its ongoing efforts towards modernization. The Turkish legal system has undergone significant changes over the years to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of wealth among heirs. An inheritance lawyer in Turkey provides services on inheritance law and inheritance registration in Turkey for real estate, land, business, bank accounts, and other inherited objects.


Inheritance lawyer in Turkey - inheritance in Turkey:



In 2001, Turkey ratified the Civil Code, introducing crucial reforms aimed at promoting gender equality in inheritance matters. Under the current legal framework, the inheritance is divided equally among all heirs, regardless of their gender. The Turkish Civil Code, along with other relevant legislation, provides the legal framework for handling inheritance matters. In cases where a deceased person did not leave a will, the Turkish legal system follows the rules of intestate succession. An inheritance lawyer in Turkey provides professional legal services in the field of Turkish inheritance law and offers legal assistance in estate planning. An inheritance lawyer in Turkey provides legal assistance in Turkish inheritance law in Russian, English, and Turkish languages.


Services of a lawyer for inheritance registration in Turkey:


  • Consultation with an inheritance lawyer.
  • Protection of interests in inheritance court cases.
  • Inheritance registration through the court.
  • Inheritance registration in Turkey.
  • Division of inheritance among heirs.
  • Inheritance registration according to a will.
  • Inheritance registration in Turkey for foreigners.
  • Registration of inheritance rights at the Cadastre Office.
  • Preparation and submission of a declaration to the tax office for inheritance registration.
  • Representation of heirs' interests.
  • Immigration to Turkey.
  • Real estate lawyer in Turkey.


When dealing with the distribution of assets and properties after the passing of a loved one, it is crucial to seek professional guidance to ensure a fair and smooth process. Engaging an inheritance lawyer ensures that the distribution of assets and properties is carried out in a fair and lawful manner, providing peace of mind to those facing the challenging process of inheritance in Turkey.


An inheritance lawyer in Turkey plays a crucial role in mitigating conflicts and striving for amicable resolutions. If a resolution cannot be reached through negotiation, an inheritance lawyer can represent their client's interests in court and ensure a fair legal process.