Business registration abroad

Business Registration

Business registration services are provided to citizens, companies and foreign clients. 

Company registration


Our corporate law attorneys will conduct business consultations for clients on starting a business, help to choose the optimal organizational and legal form of registration and business conduct, choose the types of company activities in accordance with the company's activities, correctly draw up documents for business registration, register a company abroad, a representative office of a foreign company and a branch of a firm, prepare documents for the formation of the authorized capital of the company, appoint a head and other officials, assist in opening a bank account


Lawyers of a law firm provide clients with other additional services when registering companies: obtaining documents, preparing documents for registering companies, translating constituent documents of a company from foreign and into foreign languages, notarized translation of company documents, searching or renting a legal address of a company, notary services when registering a business, payment of registration fees for starting a business, re-registering a company, replacing a director and replacing a company founder, developing contracts, supporting foreign investments, consulting and optimizing business taxation abroad, certifying a signature on the company's constituent documents; immigration abroad through business registration, investment and purchase of real estate (residence permit and citizenship), residence; settlement of international commercial disputes.

We provide legal services for business registration in offshore jurisdictions. The main advantages of offshore jurisdictions: no taxation, convenient legislation, support for foreign business. Offshore business registration allows international companies to legally increase business profits. Offshore companies are a popular way of doing business abroad.

The law firm's specialists provide services for the registration of international commercial companies, registration of private foundations, international trusts, services for the sale of companies. We help to register foreign business: banks and financial companies, insurance and leasing companies, charitable foundations and more.


Legal assistance and legal services for registering a business abroad are needed when there is a need to open new markets for products, establish new business relationships abroad, do business abroad and immigrate abroad. We provide legal assistance in registering a business abroad.

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