Notary in Poland

Notary in Poland

Notary services in Poland, certification of rights and legal facts, certification of agreements and contracts, registration of inheritance, authentication of copies of documents, other notarial actions. Polish notaries provide notarial services in most major cities in Poland.

Notary services in Poland:

  • Certification of transactions, certification of real estate and land sale agreements, deed of gift, rent;
  • Marriage contract;
  • Certification of company documents;
  • Certificate of loan agreements, property and real estate dividing agreement;
  • Notarial acts;
  • Notarized copies of documents;
  • Certification of powers of attorney;
  • Authentication of signatures on documents: company charter, for the purchase and sale of property, on other documents;
  • Inheritance and issuance of a certificate of the right to inheritance, registration of inheritance under a will and under the law, receiving an application for acceptance or refusal of inheritance;
  • Performance of executive notes;
  • Depositing securities and money, depositing documents;
  • Making protests of bills and maritime protests;
  • Other notarial actions: acceptance of documents for storage, certification of fidelity of translation of documents.

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Polish notaries have the right to engage in notarial activities only having a license to engage in notarial activities.

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