Legal Translation in Kharkov

Legal Translation in Kharkov

One of the directions in the translation bureau in Kharkov and other regions is the legal translation of texts that are related to jurisprudence from more than 30 foreign languages.

Types of Legal Translation in Kharkov:

  • Translation of laws and regulations in Ukraine;
  • Translation of Contracts in Ukraine (agreements) and other contractual documents;
  • Translation of legal and expert opinions in Ukraine;
  • Translation of Legalized Documents and documents with apostille, foreign court documents in Ukraine;
  • Translation of Company Constituent Documents in Ukraine, passport documents of founders;
  • Translation of Documents for the Court to provide such documents in the consideration of various cases;
  • Translation of Powers of Attorney for legal representation in Ukraine;
  • Notarization of a Translation of a legal document and other.

English-Speaking Lawyer in Ukraine

Legal translation in Ukraine must be accurate, clear, adequate, reliable and take into account a number of specific features and clearly convey the meaning and legal terminology.

Immigration to Ukraine

Translation of legal documents in Ukraine is carried out by professional translators who know a legal terminology and who specialize exclusively in legal translations, since translation errors or incorrect meaning of legal translation can lead to very serious consequences.

Registration of a company with a foreigner in Ukraine

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