Intellectual Property and Copyright

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is the exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity. Lawyers and patent attorneys on intellectual property provide support on intellectual property issues.



Services on Intellectual Property:

  • Legal Advice of a patent attorney for registration, purchase and protection of rights to intellectual property;
  • Representation and Protection of the Interests of the owner of intellectual property;
  • Protection of Intellectual Property in Court, legal disputes over domain name rights;
  • Search on databases of trade marks, search of identical trade marks, definition of the legal status of the owner of the trade mark;
  • Registration of the Trade Mark, international trademark registration, preparation of documents for trademark registration, legal support of the application when registering the rights to the trademark;
  • Registration of Copyright to computer programs, literature, art objects, music;
  • Patent Disputes, disputes on trademarks in court, disputes on commercial designations and trade names;
  • Recognition of the right to the object of intellectual property;
  • Settlement of conflicts in the registration of rights to intellectual property;
  • Preparation and implementation of actions aimed at stopping the illegal use of the trademark and other intellectual property;
  • Legal assistance in bringing to criminal responsibility the infringer of intellectual property rights;
  • Protection of commercial secrets, the development of documents on intellectual property, compensation for damage for the illegal use of intellectual property;
  • Collection of evidence of violation of intellectual property rights;
  • Support of Negotiations, development of license agreements and copyright agreements for the use of intellectual property rights; royalty;
  • Assistance in obtaining permits for the use of intellectual property and copyright;
  • Collection of information about the author or owner of intellectual property;
  • Registration of intellectual property in the customs registry;
  • Development of expert opinions on copyright objects;
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Maintenance of inheritance of copyright objects;
  • Establishment of authorship of intellectual property and others.

Results of intellectual activity and objects of intellectual property: commercial company name; trademark; a sign for goods and services; name of the place of origin of the goods; commercial designation; trade secret; invention, utility model, know-how; industrial model; works of science, a work of literature and art; plant variety, animal breed; phonogram; computer programs and software; databases and more.


Legal support, protection of intellectual property, elimination of violation of law and representation of the interests of the owner.

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