Lawyer in the Czech Republic for companies and citizens

Lawyer in the Czech Republic

Law Firm in the Czech Republic provides legal and lawyer services in the Czech Republic for businesses and citizens. Czech lawyers provide legal assistance in the Czech Republic for Czech and foreign clients in a variety of legal cases. We provide legal services to businesses on trade law, corporate law, and contracts, and we represent firms in the government of the Czech Republic, in Czech economic courts, and courts abroad on various trade disputes. Legal services in the Czech Republic are provided in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic. Lawyers in the Czech Republic provide clients with lawyer and legal services in Russian, Czech, and English. 


Legal Services in the Czech Republic:



  • Business Registration in the Czech Republic and corporate law, opening a company, liquidating a business, renting a legal address of a company, preparing constituent documents of a company, making changes, registering foreign investments, liquidating companies and bankruptcy
  • Selling of Companies and businesses in the Czech Republic, taxation, business accounting, tax consulting, and tax optimization
  • Legal Support of Business in the Czech Republic, Czech trade law, contracts, consulting, appealing tax and customs decisions, corporate disputes, administrative law in the Czech Republic, Due Diligence, collecting information about contractors, analyzing information received and documents, making recommendations, mediating and resolving conflicts, a lawyer in labor law and labor disputes in the Czech Republic


  • Lawyer Services in the Czech Republic, protection of rights and interests in court, police, enforcement of court decisions in the Czech Republic and abroad, legalization of Czech court decisions abroad, Insurance Lawyer in the Czech Republic, disputes over real estate, health and business insurance contracts with insurance companies and recovery of insurance payments and payments
  • Family Lawyer in the Czech Republic: divorce, marriage contract, property division, alimony, establishment, and contestation of paternity, Civil Lawyer in the Czech Republic: recognition of property rights through the courts, the invalidity of transactions, compensation for the harm
  • Criminal Lawyer in the Czech Republic, protection in criminal cases, defense of the accused, suspect, witness, and victim at all stages of the criminal process, extradition, private investigator services


  • Lawyer Services for Foreigners in the Czech Republic


  • Inheritance in the Czech Republic for real estate, bank account, motor transport, business, and copyright
  • Real Estate in the Czech Republic, Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions in the Czech Republic, transactions with residential and commercial real estate, legal verification of real estate, legal analysis of real estate documents before a transaction, verification of the authority of third parties for the disposal and sale of real estate, support for concluding a contract with a notary, calculations the contract, registration and state registration of ownership of the real estate, a lawyer for housing law in the Czech Republic: the ownership of the residential real estate, purchase lived the property, determining the order of use of residential property, re-registration of ownership of residential property, maintenance of registration of the contract lease of residential and commercial real estate disputes on payment of utility bills, eviction from premises, restitution of property owners, real estate in the Czech Republic, real estate management


  • Intellectual Property and copyright lawyer in the Czech Republic, registration and protection from infringements of intellectual property rights, registration of trademarks, recovery of compensation for illegal use of intellectual property, maintenance of licensing and copyright agreements, royalties, restoration of intellectual property rights


  • Debt Collection in the Czech Republic from companies and individuals, collection of receivables, seizure of property and assets of a debtor, search of a property of a debtor, sale of a property of a debtor, arbitration and commercial disputes, compensation for losses and damages due to non-performance or improper performance of obligations under contracts, return of property from someone else illegal possession


Our Czech lawyers have extensive experience in legal work under Czech law. A professional Czech lawyer is a key to the effective protection of client interests. Czech lawyers have extensive experience and provide clients with legal services and assistance in various branches of Czech law. Lawyers in the Czech Republic provide legal services to citizens of the Czech Republic and for foreigners in Czech and foreign languages. We also provide legal services and lawyer services abroad.

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