Consecutive interpreting means taking an oral expression in one language and translating it into another language while preserving the original meaning of the expression to the fullest extent possible, using interpreting and translation skills and taking into account grammar, stylistic and lexical peculiarities. Our agency has offices in KharkivKiev and other cities.
There are two types of consecutive interpreting:
  • consecutive interpreting in Ukraine means that an interpreter steps in to render what was said by a speaker after the speaker stops talking;
  • simultaneous interpreting in Ukraine means that an interpreter must translate what a speaker is saying while simultaneously listening to the speaker and comprehending the next sentence.
During consecutive interpreting a speaker makes logical stops, thus giving an interpreter a chance to render what was said while using a foreign language.
Interpreting is used during press conferences, seminars, negotiations, presentations, negotiations conducted by phone as well as during various exhibitions; in the situations when foreign specialists need to install/tune some equipment, when specialized translations of documents is needed, during various tours; for court sessions, during interrogations and for other legal purposes; when there is a need to notarize documents and for other purposes. All the above-mentioned instances often require you to use services of an interpreter.
We will give you professional interpreters, who are skilled in more than 30 different languages, in most of the regions of Ukraine.
Our translators and interpreters are licensed professionals who we have been successfully working with for many years. Due to the fact that we have many translators and interpreters on staff, we can always offer you a number of candidates to choose from, so that you could find the one who is the most suitable for you depending on the type and the subject of translation you need.
Our translation agency can provide you with professional interpreting services in Ukraine for English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and 30 other foreign languages.
We guarantee high quality, promptness and confidentiality.

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