Immigration Abroad through real estate and investments

Immigration Abroad

Many businessmen and citizens want to immigrate to another country, but do not always know how to immigrate correctly, apply for immigration, obtain a residence permit or citizenship, or obtain a visa.

Immigration services


The economies of many countries are stagnating, the unstable exchange rate of national currencies, and changes in the political climate cannot positively affect economic growth and investor confidence. The desire to immigrate depends on various factors: the economic situation in the country of residence, war, living standards, the desire to study and get a good education, the need to work with decent pay, the availability of financial resources to create a stable business abroad or money to invest in real estate and other assets.


We offer legal support for the legal transfer of assets abroad, starting a business in countries with a stable economy, full support, and creating comfortable conditions for companies, clients, and their families. With the support of specialists, you can choose the country of residence you are interested in.


The company's team of specialists has working methods for registering and buying a business, drawing up and receiving permits, licenses, and certificates providing legal support services for transactions with commercial and residential real estate by a lawyer, opening bank accounts for citizens and companies, provides consulting services, notary services, lawyer services, accounting services and translation services (translation of documents, notarization of translations).


We provide legal advice and preparation of documents, support in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship (legal advice from a migration lawyer, preparation of visa documents for immigration, consular legalization and apostille, preparation for an immigration interview, obtaining documents for immigration, adaptation services), we represent interests in court.

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