Immigration abroad, visas

Immigration Abroad

Our law firm offices have qualified professionals - migration lawyers who provide services in the field of migration abroad.

Immigration services abroad:

  • migration lawyer legal advice;
  • visa processing and other visa services, preparation of immigration forms, consular support;
  • assistance in obtaining a certificate of no criminal record;
  • consular legalization of documents and apostille;
  • preparation for immigration interview;
  • restoration of documents on birth, marriage, divorce, death, change of surname;
  • providing information for adaptation and other.

immigration to Ukraine

We will translate documents and notarize the translation of the document, which must be submitted to the embassy or consulate in any foreign language.

business registration

Services for students: student visa, selection of an educational institution abroad, advice on training programs, obtaining permission for study, issuing and obtaining a visa, obtaining a work permit for the period of study and after training, obtaining permanent resident status, a citizen, permanent residence registration (Permanent residence)

legal support of real estate transactions

Adaptation services: meeting and accompany to the place of residence (transfer); selection of options for renting or buying property; opening a bank account, a credit card; advice on creating a credit history; registration and receipt of SIN cards and health insurance cards; assistance in registration of social benefits for children; advice on obtaining a driver's license.


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