Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine

Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine

A criminal lawyer is a specialist in criminal law and criminal procedure who has a lawyer's certificate of activity, provides legal services to citizens and provides criminal defense in criminal cases. A criminal lawyer in Ukraine provides legal services for the protection of citizens in criminal proceedings on criminal offenses in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Poltava, Rivne, as well as criminal lawyer services abroad in 5 countries: Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey.

Categories of criminal cases in Ukraine:

  • murder
  • drugs
  • weapons
  • smuggling
  • car theft
  • injuries
  • extortion
  • theft
  • robbery
  • accident
  • fraud
Our lawyers form the cost of the services of a criminal lawyer taking into account the complexity and specifics of the criminal case.

Services of a Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine:

  • Legal Advice of a lawyer in a criminal case;
  • Meeting with a suspect or accused in a criminal case (before interrogation and interrogation);
  • Study of the Materials of the Criminal Case (materials on the detention of a suspect in a crime, election of a preventive measure or indictment, other materials of the criminal case);
  • the Presence at the interrogation of the suspect, the accused, the presence during the investigation of the criminal case;
  • Attorney Attending a Criminal Trial;
  • Collection and provision of evidence in a criminal case (written evidence, testimony of witnesses, expert opinion), preparation of a lawyer's request, receipt of originals and copies of documents;
    appearance in a judicial debate;
  • Drawing up an Appeal against a court verdict in a criminal case;
  • Participation in an Appeal in a criminal case;
  • Storage of documents with a lawyer (documents of citizens and companies)
  • Services of an English-speaking Criminal Lawyer.
Services of a criminal lawyer in Ukraine are provided in many cities of Ukraine. A criminal lawyer can only be a specialist in criminal law of Ukraine - a criminal lawyer who has a certificate of the right to practice law in Ukraine. The criminal lawyer has the right to protect the interests of the client at any stage of the investigation of the criminal case and in court. The laws of Ukraine allow several lawyers.


Our law firm can provide our clients with the services of an English-speaking criminal lawyer in Kharkov or translation services to accompany a criminal case in English and about 15 other languages.


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