Criminal lawyer in Ukraine for the protection of citizens in Ukraine

Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine

Criminal lawyer in Ukraine specializes in Ukrainian criminal law and criminal procedure. A criminal lawyer in Ukraine has a Certificate for practicing law in Ukraine. Criminal lawyer in Ukraine provides legal services for the protection of citizens and foreigners in criminal proceedings for criminal offenses in Ukraine.
A defender in a criminal case in Ukraine can be a specialist - a Ukrainian criminal lawyer who has a certificate to practice law and who is a specialist in the field of criminal law of Ukraine - a criminal lawyer for criminal offenses in Ukraine.
Categories of criminal cases in Ukraine in which lawyers of a law firm provide legal protection: murder, drug crimes, illegal sale of weapons, road accidents, car theft, fraud, bribe, smuggling, extortion, theft of property and money, robbery, violence and harm to health, hooliganism and other criminal offenses
A criminal lawyer in Ukraine is involved in a criminal case at any stage of the criminal process (the investigator, prosecutor, judge or court makes a decision). An investigator, prosecutor, investigating judge or court are obliged to provide assistance in establishing communication with a lawyer or are themselves obliged to ensure the participation of a lawyer in criminal proceedings, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. We provide our clients with the services of an English-speaking criminal lawyer in criminal cases in Ukraine, translation services in a criminal case in Ukraine, as well as legal services in a criminal case in other foreign languages.

Criminal lawyer services in Ukraine

  • legal advice to a criminal lawyer in Ukraine;
  • meeting with a suspect or accused in a criminal case before the first interrogation (after the first interrogation - meetings with a criminal lawyer without limiting the number and time);
  • study of the materials of the criminal case, which substantiate the arrest and prosecution in the criminal case, study of all the materials of the criminal case in court; participation during interrogation and during investigative actions in a criminal case; collection of evidence in a criminal case; studying the minutes of the court session and preparing complaints; collecting information about facts in a criminal case, obtaining information and documents at the request of a lawyer (lawyer's request) from citizens and firms, obtaining written opinions from specialists and accompanying expert examinations;
  • representation and defense in court in a criminal case when considering criminal proceedings; presentation in court in a criminal case; preparation of an appeal against a court verdict in a criminal case; conducting a criminal case in the court of appeal;
  • services of a criminal lawyer for foreigners in Ukraine.
A criminal defense lawyer in Ukraine has no right to disclose data and other information that became known to him while performing his duties as a lawyer in a criminal case. The documents of a lawyer in a criminal case may not be examined, disclosed or confiscated without the consent of the lawyer. Success in the investigation and conduct of a criminal case depends on the experience of a criminal lawyer in Ukraine.
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