Apostille in Ukraine

Apostille in Ukraine

Legalization of documents is necessary to give them legal force on the territory of another state. The document must be legalized so that it has legal force abroad. Documents which are issued and entered legal force on the territory of one state, can be used on the territory of another state only if they are legalized in the established manners.

Types of Legalization of Documents:

  • Apostille;
  • Consular Legalization.
Written Translation in Ukraine

We conduct consular legalization and put an Apostille on the following documents: archive certificates issued by the archives of Ukraine, documents from the Registrar of Civil Status Actshealth certificates (if they are notarized with a stamp of regional health administration and Ministry of Health), originals of education diplomas, certificates issued by Ministry of Interior Affairs (police clearance certificates), documents from court (court decision, verdict, resolution etc.), documents of legal entities, companies, other official documents.

Reclamation of Documents in Ukraine

We provide a service of putting an apostille on documents and legalization abroad.

Immigration to Ukraine

We also provide translation services into any foreign language with notarization of the translated document and the service of requesting duplicate of the document.

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