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Translation agency of foreign languages in Kharkov provides a wide range of translation services to clients. Our translators (interpreters) provide written translation and interpretation of more than 40 foreign languages (translation from a foreign language and translation into a foreign language), as well as translation of rare languages. Also you can contact the office of the translation agency in Kharkov, and also order a written translation by e-mail or by a personal visit to the office of a translation agency in Kharkov, as well as pay for the transfer by any convenient method of payment. Our Translation agency has been operating in Ukraine and in particular in Kharkov and Kiev since 2009.

Need a translation agency in Kharkov?

Translation agency services:

  • Interpreting Foreign Languages ​​in Kharkov
  • Written Translation of documents in Kharkov: technical translation, legal translation, economic translation, financial translation, translation of contracts, translation of agreements and legal documents, technical translation of documents, translation of instructions, translation of drawings, translation of projects, translation of medical documentation, translation of presentations, translation of websites, literary translation of books, translation of personal documents and correspondence, translation of documents for embassies and consulates, sworn (judicial) translation and accredited translation, translation of commercial documentation and other
  • Written translation of texts in Kharkov, translation of a passport, extract or certificate from the registry office of birth, death, marriage, divorce, driver's license, employment record, diploma and other documents
  • Translation editing checking the translation of documents by the editor and editing the translation
  • Consular legalization of documents and apostille
  • Notarization of the Translation of Documents in Kharkov, notarization of the translation and certification of the written translation with the seal of the translation agency, notarization of the translator's signature on the translation of documents
  • Obtaining Documents in Ukraine and abroad
  • Legal Interpreter Support
  • Lawyer Services in a foreign language in Kharkov and other translation services


The experience of our translators helps to provide professional translation and interpretation services for the client. Correct, complete and understandable translation is the main goal of providing services by our translation agency. To order translation services in Kharkov call us!

Legal Translation

  • Our translation agency is located in Kharkov.
  • Translation agency works throughout Ukraine and with foreign clients from around the world.
  • In the Translation Agency you can order a written translation online.
  • Every day we translate more than 500 pages of texts.
  • We provide a full range of linguistic services for citizens and businesses.

Notarized Translation

There are discounts for clients and partners in the Translation Agency.

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