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Real estate lawyer in Spain

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The law firm provides clients with legal services for real estate in Spain, legal support for real estate transactions in Spain and services for housing law in Spain. The services of a real estate lawyer in Spain are relevant for Spanish citizens, for foreign buyers or sellers of real estate, for foreign citizens or persons who do not know the Spanish legislation.



Buying or selling real estate in Spain without the legal support of a real estate attorney is a big risk. Buying a Spanish property is one of the most profitable investment options for making a profit. Real estate lawyers in Spain provided legal services in support of transactions in the cities of Spain.

Real estate lawyer services in Spain:

  • Legal advice of a real estate lawyer in Spain, tax advice on taxation of real estate and transactions in Spain; services for the search for real estate for purchase in Spain, establishing contact between the buyer and seller of real estate;
  • Legal services of a real estate lawyer in Spain, legal support of negotiations with a real estate owner, bank, construction company; legal analysis, verification and development of a contract for the purchase and sale of real estate, real estate reservation contract; representation of interests in court on real estate cases; verification of real estate for purchase, preparation and sending of inquiries to the competent authorities, verification of the seller's identity and data on the ownership of real estate, verification of the technical characteristics of real estate; preparation of documents abroad for the purchase of real estate in Spain;
  • Legal support by a lawyer in a real estate transaction in Spain at a notary when signing a contract for the sale of real estate; checking real estate for arrests and other problems, checking tax debts and utility bills; control of the registration of the transaction in the register of real estate and obtaining a certificate for real estate in the name of the new owner from the Register; translation services for the transaction;
  • Registration of a foreigner in Spain for the purchase of real estate in the police; support in signing contracts with insurance companies; opening a Spanish bank account for real estate transactions; organizing the transfer of money from abroad for the purchase of real estate in Spain, confirming the legality of money in accordance with Spanish legislation, declaring money; obtaining a number of a foreign citizen - NIE; mortgage, support of negotiations and signing a mortgage agreement with the bank; drafting real estate lease contracts; declaration of real estate, assistance in paying taxes, preparation of the cadastral price of real estate in Spain;
  • Registration of inheritance for real estate in Spain for Spanish citizens and foreigners;
  • Immigration to Spain through investment and purchase of real estate and more.


Buying property in Spain starts with choosing a property to buy, collecting information about residential and commercial real estate, checking real estate documents and real estate debts. A preliminary contract for the sale of real estate is signed and a deposit is made for the purchase of real estate. The final signing of the real estate sale and purchase agreement and the final payment for the real estate (by bank transfer or check) is carried out at a notary and the ownership is registered in the State Register of Property


When conducting real estate transactions in Spain, you need a professional Spanish real estate attorney. Our Spanish lawyers also represent the interests of foreign citizens in real estate transactions in Spain.

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