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Nestled on the stunning Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, and vibrant lifestyle. Whether you are a resident, expatriate, or business owner in Malaga, having access to reliable lawyer services is crucial for navigating the complex legal landscape. Lawyers in Malaga specialize in various areas, addressing the diverse legal needs of the community.


Legal Services and Lawyer in Malaga



Spain, like many European countries, has a legal system deeply rooted in civil law. Lawyer services in Malaga play a vital role in providing legal guidance, representation, and assistance across a spectrum of legal issues, ensuring that individuals and businesses alike can operate within the confines of the law.


Services of a Law Firm in Malaga:


  • Legal advice in Malaga. Preparation of legal documents. Dispute Resolution. Lawyer services for foreigners in Malaga. Obtaining Certificates.


  • Family lawyer in Malaga - Family Law: Representation of interests in court when considering family disputes, divorce in Malaga, international divorce (divorce of foreign citizens), division of marital property.
  • Real estate lawyer in Malaga: Real estate for investments, Legal support of Real estate transactions in Malaga, verification of real estate, purchase of real estate by a foreigner in Malaga.
  • Inheritance lawyer in Malaga - Inheritance Law: Disputes about inheritance in court, Registration of inheritance in Malaga (real estate, land, accounts, shares, business).


  • Debt collection in MalagaCollection of debts under contracts, debt collection lawyer, representation of the interests. International Commercial Arbitration Court.


  • Registration of Companies in Malaga (Business Incorporation): Business registration in Malaga, registration of companies with foreign founders.
  • Legal support of companies in MalagaLegal support for business. Commercial Law, representation of interests in commercial disputes.


Engaging the services of a lawyer in Malaga is not just about addressing legal issues when they arise. Having a legal advisor can prove invaluable in preventing problems before they occur.

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