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Valencia, a picturesque city on the east coast of Spain, is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. Valencia also has a robust legal system in place to cater to the legal needs of citizens and numerous companies. A law firm and lawyer in Valencia and lawyers provide legal services for clients from Spain and foreign clients.


Legal Services - Lawyer in Valencia:



The lawyers of the law firm in Valencia are specialists in Spanish law and international law. Legal services for companies, citizens, and foreigners in Valencia are provided by lawyers in Spanish and foreign languages.


Services of a Law Firm in Valencia:


  • Legal advice in Valencia for citizens and firms on the laws (consulting services). Preparation of legal documents and contracts. Services of a lawyer in court, police, prosecutor's office, negotiation. Lawyer services for foreigners in Valencia (representation and protection of interests).


  • Family lawyer in Valencia for citizens and foreigners - Family Law: Preparation of a lawsuit in court, petitions, complaints, representation of interests in court when considering family disputes, divorce in Valencia, international divorce (divorce of foreign citizens), division of marital property, deprivation of parental rights, the establishment of paternity, adoption, child custody, and spousal support. Civil marriage, marriage with a foreigner. Civil lawyer in Valencia - Civil Law: Civil disputes in court, transactions between citizens, compensation for damage, invalidation of transactions, credit disputes with banks, protection of consumer rights.
  • Real estate lawyer in Valencia - Legal support of Real estate transactions (residential and commercial real estate): assistance in real estate purchase transactions (house, apartment, office, business center, hotel, restaurant, land for construction) - real estate for investments, verification of real estate and seller, purchase of real estate by a foreigner in Valencia, opening an investment account, legal disputes regarding real estate in court, mortgages and disputes. Construction: registration of ownership in the state register, foreign investments, territorial planning and obtaining construction permits, construction contracts, construction disputes in court, land legislation, representation in construction projects and disputes, protection of developers' interests.
  • Inheritance lawyer in Valencia - Inheritance Law: Registration of inheritance in Valencia for citizens and foreigners (residential and commercial real estate, land, accounts, shares, business); disputes about inheritance in court and protection of interests of heirs, division of inheritance between heirs, taxation of inheritance.
  • Immigration lawyer in Valencia - Spanish immigration laws and Visa Services: Immigration services in Valencia, visa advice, citizenship applications, residence permit in Spain and renewals, assistance with visa applications, family reunification, work and entrepreneurial visas, immigration appeals, compliance with immigration laws.
  • Criminal lawyer in Valencia and criminal defense: Murder, crimes against life and health, crimes against property, economic and tax crimes, drugs, weapons, information security, migration crimes, car accidents, fraud. Criminal Law and criminal procedure. Strategy and tactics legal protection in a criminal case: legal defense in criminal cases (search, interrogation, suspicion, detention, arrest, collection of evidence) and legal representation for individuals accused of various offenses, preparation of complaints and documents, collecting evidence, checking documents. Appeal in criminal cases.
  • Insurance lawyer and disputes with insurance companies: Real estate insurance, medical insurance, auto and liability insurance, transportation and cargo insurance, financial and travel insurance. Compensation, analysis of insurance policies, claim assistance, claim denials, dispute resolution, litigation, bad faith claims.


  • Debt collection in Valencia - Debt collection lawyer for business and citizens: Collection of debts under contracts from citizens and firms, legal support of the execution of court decisions on debt recovery, arrest of property and assets, execution of decisions of foreign courts, representation of the interests of the debtor and creditor. Representation of interests in the International Commercial Arbitration Court, protection of the parties in arbitration disputes, conclusion of a settlement agreement, mediation.


  • Business registration in Valencia (business incorporation and licensing) - Corporate Law and corporate conflicts: Registration of companies in Valencia, legal services for the registration of companies, and licensing processes, sale and purchase of businesses, support of corporate rights transactions, registration of companies with foreign founders, registration of a representative office of a foreign company, business taxation, wealth management, tax planning, optimization, and tax consulting, taxation of transactions, support of investments, nominee services. Liquidation of companies in Valencia: bankruptcy, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, protection of the rights of creditors, arbitration manager.
  • Legal support of business in Valencia for Spanish and foreign clients: Legal support for companies and entrepreneurs, protection and representation of business interests. Administrative Law and administrative disputes in court, services of a lawyer in administrative cases, the appeal of administrative offenses, support of administrative disputes between business and public authorities. Commercial Law, representation of interests by a lawyer in commercial disputes. Tax Law: audit of financial documents of firms, tax consulting and optimization, representation in tax disputes in court. Finance and Banking Law: securities, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and transactions. Contract Law (local and international contracts): draft, review, and enforce contracts with partners, suppliers, and clients, contract lawyers, legal expertise of contracts, legal support for concluding contracts. Accounting services for business: preparation of accounting documents, reports, and payment documents, control of the payment of taxes.
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property. Copyright: trademark and copyright registration, intellectual property, and trademark protection, IP lawyer in Valencia, protect innovations, designs, and brands, licensing contracts, patents, royalties, and compensation.


  • Translation agency in Valencia and Translation Services (more than 30 foreign languages): Written translation, interpretation, legal translation of documents; Obtaining Certificates and documents, apostille, and consular legalization.


Legal services for citizens and companies in Valencia are a vital component of the city's infrastructure. They provide guidance, representation, and legal expertise that are essential in maintaining social harmony and supporting economic growth.

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