Notary services and a notary for citizens and companies, notarization of transactions, notarized translation of legal documents and company documents, certification of signatures on documents.

Notary services, transactions, notary for companies of citizens

A notary is a system of bodies and officials who are obliged to certify the rights and legal facts and carry out notarial actions provided for by law.


Notary for citizens and companies


A notary is a qualified lawyer authorized by the state, who is given special powers by the state to certify the will of the parties to agreements, draw up the inheritance rights of citizens, and contracts, and testify copies of documents, and legal acts. The notary conducts independent notarial activities or activities in the state notary office, notary archive certifies facts, and carries out actions aimed at confirming the authenticity. The notary guarantees the compliance of the executed document with the current legislation.


Notary - Notarial services:


  • Certification of contracts and transactions: purchase and sale of real estate, donation of real estate and land, rental of real estate, mortgage, loan of money, pledge, lease, and donation of a car, marriage contract between spouses and persons registering the marriage, constituent documents of companies, life maintenance contracts, inheritance contract, property division agreement, property management agreement, certification of a contract for the purchase of the real estate by a foreigner when buying residential and commercial real estate;
  • Certification of powers of attorney (service not provided): management and disposal of a car, disposal, and management of real estate and property, representation of interests in court and public authorities;
  • Certification of the authenticity of the signature on the documents: bank card, company charter, statement of withdrawal from the founders of the company, statement of consent of the spouse to purchase or sale of real estate, disposal of property, permission for the child to travel abroad, application for the receipt of the child's travel document;
  • Registration of the inheritance at the notary by will and by law: certification of the will, protection of hereditary property; issuance of a certificate of inheritance or ownership of a share in the common property of the spouses in the event of the death of one of the spouses;
  • Other notary actions: certificate of purchase of property at public auctions (auctions), issuance of duplicate notarial documents, seizure of property and lifting of the ban on the sale of real estate and cars, certification of the accuracy of copies (photocopies) of documents and certificates, certification of the translator's signature on the translation of documents, certification of a legal fact (a person is alive, the fact that a citizen is in a certain place, issuing a certificate of marital status - certification of a signature on an application that a person is not currently married, certification of the time of presentation of documents, transfer of statements of citizens and companies), affidavit, an executive inscription of a notary, protest of bills, acceptance of documents for storage.


A notary has the right to engage in activities after obtaining a license. Services are provided by civil notaries (private notaries) and a public notary, and abroad by consular and diplomatic state institutions.


Additional services in the process of providing notary services: obtaining duplicate certificates and other documents, legalization of documents at the consulate and apostille on documents, written translation services of documents into a foreign language and translation of certificates from a foreign language, representation by a lawyer in court, business registration, registration of visas for traveling abroad.