Legal services on-line for citizens and firms

Legal services on-line

The difficult economic situation in the world, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic (quarantine and bans in many countries) have deprived many citizens of the opportunity to exercise their rights, protect their legitimate interests, do business and solve other important matters. These and other factors have activated the rapid development of new technologies and now many services can be ordered ON-LINE, quickly pay and receive services. New legal services and technologies make it possible to receive various legal services. We analyzed the legal services market in many countries and came to the conclusion that more than 60% of legal services can be received by clients on-line.

On-line legal services:

  • legal advice of a lawyer on-line on various legal cases (in 90% of cases there is no need for a personal visit to a lawyer's office);
  • support of court cases on-line for citizens, preparing documents for the court and submitting documents to the court on-line (more than 50% of cases in court can be conducted without personal presence in courts on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • registration of inheritance without personal presence (more than 70% of inheritance cases can be carried out without personal presence on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • legal support of business on-line, preparation of contracts and other documents for firms, preparation and implementation of commercial transactions with corporate rights (more than 70% of legal work for firms can be done by an on-line lawyer);
  • legal support of on-line real estate and land transactions, verification of real estate and the owner of real estate, preparation of documents and conduct of a purchase and sale transaction (more than 50% of legal work can be carried out by an on-line lawyer on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • collection of debts on-line by a court decision from firms and citizens (more than 30% of legal work can be carried out on-line on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • legal verification of on-line firms, real estate, documents, owners of real estate and business, Due diligence, verification of counterparties, collection of information (100% of legal verification services can be ordered on-line);
  • registration of firms on-line and re-registration of business, liquidation of firms (more than 80% of legal work can be carried out without personal presence on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • on-line mediation and resolution of conflicts without personal presence (more than 30% of mediation cases can be carried out without personal presence on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • on-line migration services for foreigners (more than 30% of the work can be done without personal presence on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • obtaining documents from the registry office and other government agencies, issuing certificates (more than 80% of documents can be obtained without personal presence);
  • apostille on documents and consular legalization of documents (more than 90% of the work on legalization of documents can be done without personal presence);
  • written translation of documents, accredited translation, notarized translation (100% of services can be ordered on-line).


Soon the legal business will change, the profession of a lawyer will disappear or radically transform, the ways of providing and receiving legal services will change. Clients will not be looking for a lawyer or legal company. Clients will be looking for a fast, understandable and budgetary legal service that helps to solve various legal cases on-line.

Order, payment and receipt of legal services on-line:

  • sending a request for legal services in a convenient way of communication (tel., mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, feedback form on the website);
  • signing a contract for the provision of legal services and sending an invoice for payment of services;
  • payment for legal services through a convenient payment method (invoice, payment from a bank card, payment on the website, payment through international payment systems and transfer systems);
  • sending to the client by mail documents for signing (powers of attorney, agreements, forms, statements, claims and other documents);
  • receipt of original documents from the client for the provision of services through international postal services;
  • work on a legal case;
  • delivery of legal services to the client and sending the original documents to the client after the provision of legal services through international postal services.


We introduce new technologies and services in the legal field, integrate with various legal services, platforms and platforms, and also offer our clients new services and legal services. Digitalization of the legal business is the future of jurisprudence.


Save your health, time and money!

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