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Inheritance in Spain

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Spanish citizens and foreigners often need legal services to register an inheritance in Spain after the death of a relative in Spain or abroad. Inheritance lawyers in Spain provide services for registering inheritance for residential real estate, commercial real estate, business, bank account in Spanish cities for Spanish citizens and foreigners.



In accordance with the Spanish inheritance law, all assets and property of the deceased must be transferred to the heirs. Objects of inheritance in Spain: residential and commercial real estate, land, car, business, money in a bank account. The maximum period for processing and registering an inheritance in Spain is 10 years.

Inheritance services in Spain:

  • legal advice from an inheritance lawyer in Spain, preparation of an inheritance strategy or the resolution of an inheritance dispute; study, analysis and preparation of legal documents for the registration of inheritance; legalization of foreign documents for registration of inheritance; identification of inherited property and other assets for inheritance;
  • legal support for the acceptance and registration of inheritance in Spain by law and by will; representation of clients' interests in inheritance cases before third parties, before various bodies and organizations, before a notary, before public authorities and other entities; legal support of inheritance in Spain of various types of property in Spain; determination of shares in inherited property, obligatory shares in inheritance; testamentary refusal; support of agreements between heirs; registration of ownership of the heir in the property register and transfer of money to the bank account of the heir;
  • services of an inheritance lawyer in Spain, legal representation in inheritance disputes in Spain, conduct of inheritance cases by a lawyer in court, invalidation of a will in court; international protection of inheritance rights, appeals by inheritance;
  • inheritance taxation in Spain: taxes when accepting and registering an inheritance, tax liabilities; support of negotiations during the registration of inheritance, mediation and settlement of disputes between heirs.


There can be many nuances and problems when registering an inheritance with a foreign element: the heir lives in Spain, and the inherited property is located abroad; the heir lives in abroad and the inherited property is in Spain; the heir lives in Spain, and the deceased lived and died in another country; the heir lives in another country, and the deceased lived and died in Spain; inherited property is located in Spain and in other countries; many heirs who live in different countries and more. When registering an inheritance for a foreigner, inheritance proceeds according to the laws of the country of citizenship of the deceased, and it is also important to determine where the person died. After the death of a person in Spain or abroad, all assets and property must be transferred to the heirs. In these situations, it is necessary to correctly determine according to the legislation of which country the inheritance will be registered, jurisdiction and court authorities, notaries and the procedure for registering inheritance rights. Succession lawyers in Spain provide qualified legal assistance in accepting an inheritance in Spain and abroad. Our partners provide additional services in the course of inheritance registration: assessment of inherited property, translation of legal documents for registration of inheritance, audit of companies that are inherited, and more.


In most cases, you must pay inheritance tax. In the absence of a tax residence in Spain, heirs must pay inheritance tax in accordance with the general rules of the country without exemptions. Also, inheritance taxation depends on the total price of the property (progressive tax scale) and the mortgage. The amount of taxes for registering an inheritance is different in different regions of Spain. When registering an inheritance in Spain, you need to take into account the legislation of the region of Spain, the heir's turn when registering an inheritanc.

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