Inheritance in Ukraine

Inheritance in Ukraine

Law Firm provides citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens with services on registration of the inheritanceLawyers by inheritance provide legal services for registration of inheritance on real estate (apartment, house, land), cars, business, shares of companies, copyrights, bank account.

Inheritance Services in Ukraine:

  • Legal Advice of a lawyer by inheritance
  • Registration of Inheritance
  • Notary Services for registration of inheritance
  • Collection of Documents for real estate and restoration of documents from the registry office
  • Translation of Documents and notarization of translation of documents
  • Registration of Inheritance in Court
  • Inheritance Sale.

English Speaking Lawyer in Ukraine

Inheritance can be obtained by will or by law. If there is no will, then the inheritance is executed by law. Often the right to inheritance is appealed in court and then the client needs the help of a lawyer for inheritance. The inheritance is executed at the place of residence of the deceased or at the location of the main part of the real estate. The period for the inheritance of six months from the date of the death of the testator. During this time, the heirs must submit to the notary documents of the desire to accept the inheritance.

Real Estate Lawyer in Ukraine

Our inheritance lawyers draw up inheritance rights for real estate (apartment, house, apartment, land, buildings), auto, business, even in the bank, securities, shares and money.

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