Inheritance lawyer in Ukraine for citizens and foreigners

Inheritance in Ukraine

The law firm provides citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens with legal services on inheritance law, services for registration of inheritance in Ukraine and legal services for registration of inheritance abroad. The heirs by law and by will have the right to inheritance. The heir can formalize an inheritance for residential real estate (apartment, house, land), commercial real estate, auto, business, shares, intellectual property and copyrights and other property.



Inheritance Registration Services in Ukraine:

  • Legal advice of an inheritance lawyer in Ukraine (taxation of inheritance registration, notary payments for inheritance registration, inheritance procedure, rejection of inheritance and other), preparation of documents for inheritance registration;
  • Registration of inheritance after death to the heir in Ukraine;
  • Services of a private notary in Ukraine, registration of inheritance rights with a notary (legal registration of inheritance and determination of the shares of heirs in the inheritance);
  • Inheritance assessment services in Ukraine;
  • Verification of documents for inheritance and collection of documents for real estate and other property for the registration of inheritance in Ukraine, restoration of documents for registration of inheritance in the registry office in Ukraine;
  • Translation of documents for registration of an inheritance into Ukrainian, notarization of translation of documents for registration of an inheritance;
  • Registration of inheritance for a foreign heir in Ukraine;
  • Collecting documents confirming kinship and establishing the legal fact of kinship through the court;
  • Registration of inheritance through a court in Ukraine;
  • Real estate lawyer in Ukraine;
  • Sale of inheritance in Ukraine (real estate and other property) and other inheritance services.

It is possible to enter into an inheritance by will, if the title was issued to one or more heirs. If there is no will or the will is issued for a part of the property, then the heirs receive an inheritance by law. If the right to inheritance is appealed by the relatives of the deceased in court, then the help of an inheritance lawyer is needed. Entry into inheritance rights is formalized at the place of residence of the deceased or at the location of the main part of the immovable property that is inherited. The term for entering the inheritance (the term for accepting the inheritance by the heir) is 6 months from the date of the person's death. Heirs who apply for inheritance must prepare and submit to a notary an application for acceptance of the inheritance, draw up documents for acceptance of the inheritance and obtain a Certificate of the right to inheritance. If the heirs do not submit the application for the acceptance of the inheritance within the time frame, then you will need to contact a lawyer for inheritance law in Ukraine to restore the deadlines for the acceptance and registration of the inheritance. We offer our clients reasonable prices for inheritance registration in Ukraine. Our inheritance lawyers speak foreign languages ​​and help foreign clients to formalize inheritance rights in Ukraine. We help Ukrainian citizens accept and formalize inheritance abroad.

For the comfort of clients when registering an inheritance, we provide notary services when forming an inheritance, appraisal services for evaluating an inheritance, services of an inheritance lawyer, legal support for the inheritance process, legal advice on inheritance cases, checking and preparing documents for registering an inheritance, inheritance search and verification inheritance. After registration of the inheritance, the heir receives documents on the ownership of the inheritance and can sell the inheritance.

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