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Debt collection lawyer in Spain

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The law firm provides clients with legal services for the collection of money for debt obligations in Spain and optimally resolves problem situations before the court and when collecting money through the court. The services of a Spanish debt collection attorney are provided in many cities in Spain.



Our Spanish lawyers in debt collection use legal schemes and strategies to resolve problem situations with debtors, legal analysis of contracts and the financial situation of the debtor.

Debt collection services in Spain

  • legal advice attorney for debt collection in Spain, coordination of a legal position in the process of debt collection, preparation of a debt collection strategy;
  • analysis of the legal situation and the causes of debt, preparation of options for debt repayment and study of documents; collection of documents for debt collection in Spain, development of an action plan, schemes and options for debt settlement or debt collection;
  • preparation of legal documents for debt collection; analysis and study of the financial situation of the debtor, collection of information about the debtor to confirm the possibility of payment by the debtor of the debt; study of various options and methods of debt collection (a written claim to the debtor with a demand to repay the debt, negotiating with the debtor to voluntarily repay the debt);
  • debt collection without conducting a case in court in Spain (negotiations with the debtor, preparation and submission of claims, verification of the debtor's financial situation, collection of information about the debtor's assets, search and implementation of methods of legal debt collection from the debtor before the court); representation of clients' interests before third parties and public authorities on debt obligations; support of negotiations in the settlement of debt obligations, mediation and settlement of debt disputes without court recovery;
  • representation in court for debt collection in Spain, legal support of cases on debt collection in courts, submission of documents to the court for debt collection, obtaining a court order for debt collection based on a court decision, representation of interests in court on debt collection in Spain, legal support the court makes a decision to recover the debt from the debtor; collection of expenses from the debtor in the process of debt collection and reimbursement by the debtor of lost profits; appeal to the appellate court with a complaint against the court's decision on the case on the collection of debts; collection of debts under contracts in the interests of business through international commercial arbitration;
  • legal support in the arbitration court of the debtor's bankruptcy cases.


The Spanish legal system is loyal to the subjects whose rights and interests are damaged. The methods and options for protecting the rights and interests of a person in Spain (an individual or a company) are very different. In some cases, a person has the right to go to court immediately, and in some situations it is necessary to follow the complaint procedure before going to court.


Debt collection in Spain is a complex legal job of a lawyer. Success in debt collection from a debtor depends on the experience and practice of a debt collection attorney. Debt collection lawyers in Spain have worked on debt collection for businesses and individuals in accordance with Spanish law.


Also, a lawyer must know to which court or other instance you need to apply for debt collection. It can be court or arbitration. Debt collection attorney in Spain has extensive experience in legal support of debt collection procedures, debt repayment of citizens and enterprises in the interests of creditors.

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