Inheritance, registration of inheritance, inheritance law in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv


Law Firm provides Ukrainian citizens and foreign citizens with legal services in the field of inheritance law and on registration of inheritance. The inheritance is registered in the place of residence of the deceased or at the location of the property. The term for entering into the inheritance is 6 months from the date of death. The heir who claims to inherit should apply to a private notary about the acceptance of the inheritance. If the heir will miss the deadline for accepting the inheritance, then you need to apply to inheritance lawyer in order to restore the term for the acceptance of the inheritance or to register the inheritance through the court.

Inheritance Services

English Speaking Lawyer

Our inheritance lawyers speak foreign languages ​​and therefore we will help without any problems a foreign citizen to register an inheritance in Ukraine, as well as citizens of Ukraine to inherit in abroad.

Real Estate

We will help to arrange an inheritance for residential and commercial real estate (apartment, house, office building), car, business, copyrights, bank account.

Family Lawyer

Inheritance can be obtained by will or by law. Often one of the heirs disputes the right to inherit the second heir. In this case, it is necessary to have assistance of inheritance lawyer in court. Lawyers by legacy will provide you with qualified assistance in re-registration of real estate, business, bank account, securities and copyright. We also provide notary services, inheritance assessment services, document translation services, notarization of translated documents, interpreter services and so on.


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