Immigration to Ukraine, residence permit

Immigration to Ukraine

Immigration lawyers in Ukraine provide legal services for immigration to Ukraine.

Immigration Services in Ukraine:

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Immigration to Ukraine of foreigners is a very popular service among foreign citizens and includes obtaining permission to immigrate to Ukraine, issuing a temporary residence permit in Ukraine or a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, or the registration of Ukrainian citizenship. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration", foreigners can immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence and get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

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Within the immigration quota, permission for immigration to Ukraine can be formalized: scientists and culture; persons who invest more than 100 thousand US dollars in the economy of Ukraine; parents, spouse of an immigrant and their underage children; close relatives of a citizen of Ukraine; former citizens of Ukraine; refugees.

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Outside the immigration quota, permission to immigrate to Ukraine can be issued: one of the spouses, if the second is a citizen of Ukraine (married more than two years), children and parents of a citizen of Ukraine; foreigners who have the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin; guardians and trustees of a citizen of Ukraine, or who are under the guardianship or custody of a citizen of Ukraine; Foreigners whose immigration has a national interest for Ukraine; foreign Ukrainians, spouses of foreign Ukrainians, their children.


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