Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States. Services of an immigration lawyer and immigration to the USA.

Immigration to the United States


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More than a million people legally immigrate to the United States of America every year. The USA is an interesting country for immigration (high standard of living, economic and political stability). Therefore, immigration services in the United States are in great demand, as well as other legal services in the United States. Our American immigration lawyers provide legal assistance to an attorney on US immigration cases and US visa applications. There are many US immigration programs and two legal ways to immigrate to the US.


Immigration Lawyer - Immigration to the United States


  • Investor visa to the US. The US Immigrant Investor Program is a simplified procedure that requires investment in the US economy in excess of US $ 900,000.
  • Business visa to the US. Immigration to the United States through the status of a businessman in the United States requires a person to have their own company in the country of citizenship. You can also open a branch of the company in the United States, which is located in the country of citizenship of the person and start managing the branch of the company in the United States. The visa is issued for 1 year. If this American company works well in 1 year, then you can extend the business visa for 3 years (with the ability to apply for a residence permit). A business visa is the fastest and most reliable way to obtain a Green Card.
  • US bride visa (US groom visa). To obtain permission to enter the American groom and confirm the seriousness of intentions, it is necessary to fix as much as possible meetings with the groom in the country of residence of the bride. After entering the United States on a bride visa, a prerequisite is marriage. After marriage, the wife receives a residence permit for 2 years. The procedure for obtaining a visa for the bride (wife) is more complicated when registering a marriage outside the United States.
  • Family reunification visa for the US. Provided for family members of a US citizen or person who has a US residence permit.
  • Green Card Lottery. Every year 50,000 people from different countries choose through a lottery. When drawing a lottery, conditions are not required: knowledge of the language, profession, age. Participation in the lottery is free. Submission of an application for participation in the lottery is possible only through the official website. Persons who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the lottery. The USA Green Card Lottery is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to the USA.
  • Visa for professionals in the US. or persons of outstanding ability.
  • Visa for athletes in the US.
  • Visa for religious leaders in the US (granted to individuals on religious grounds).
  • Refugee status in the US. Can be obtained by a person who is persecuted in the country of citizenship for various reasons (except for criminal prosecution) or if this person has reason to fear such persecution. An application for refugee status is filed in the United States with the obligatory provision of evidence of a violation of human rights.
  • Work visa to the US. For work in an American company, it is issued for 3 years. After the end of the visa, it can be extended for another 3 years. The basis for obtaining a work visa is the presence of an invitation to work from a company or an individual. There is also the possibility of immigration to the United States under the US employment program.
  • Student visa to study in the US. for training in the USA.
  • Tourist visa to the US.


Documents for immigration to the United States can be processed in the United States or abroad. It is important to properly prepare and choose the optimal way of immigration to the USA, correct preparation and execution of documents, legalization of documents for immigration in the USA, obtaining documents for immigration, professional translation of documents into English in a translation agency, visa services for immigration.