English speaking lawyer in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

English Speaking Lawyer

English Speaking Lawyer - an expert in the field of law, who is fluent in speaking English and provides Legal Services in English for citizens and businesses, provides professional legal defense for foreign clients.

Lawyer Services in English:

  • Legal Advice of an English Speaking Lawyer in English and legal advice of an English speaking lawyer on-line in various branches of law;
  • Legal Analysis of Court Documents, contracts, legal situations by an English speaking lawyer;
  • Drafting Legal Documents for court, contracts in English and other legal documents;
  • Notary Services
  • Mediation, settlement of disputes and conflict situations;
  • Representation and Protection of Interests in Court for various legal cases of various categories in law enforcement authorities and in other organizations.

Criminal Lawyer

English speaking lawyer services are provided in most regions of Ukraine and abroad in Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Specialization of English Speaking Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Our English speaking lawyer will solve your legal situations that require professional knowledge of English and legal terminology in English. Professional English speaking lawyers will help you find effective ways of resolving your case.

Real Estate

An appeal to an English-speaking lawyer in Ukraine will help you avoid many legal problems. If you need the services of an English-speaking lawyer, please contact us.

Business Registration

In the structure of the Law Firm works the Translation Agency. Our translators translate over 40 foreign languages. We also provide document recovery services, notarization of translation of documents, apostille on documents.

Business Lawyer


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