Real estate and investment agency provides clients with services in the purchase and sale of agricultural business, agricultural enterprises, livestock complexes - farms and other agricultural enterprises. We also provide legal support for transactions in the field of agribusiness, as well as provide other related services in matters of transaction support in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Our current offers on objects for investmen objects.

Agricultural business objects for sale:

  • Agricultural companies, agricultural machinery, material and technical base and buildings, warehouses;
  • Farms, livestock enterprises with machinery and equipment, buildings and warehouses;
  • other objects

Real Estate Lawyer

Additional services in transaction support in the field of agriculture and livestock: lawyer advice on transactions and investments, valuation services, legal support of transactions, preparation of contracts and other legal documents, Due Diligence, opening an investment account, private notary services and re-registration of property rights, investment support, consulting and other services.

Commercial Real Estate

We are interested in cooperation with the owners of agricultural enterprises and livestock complexes in Ukraine on the purchase of enterprises in the field of agriculture, purchase of other commercial facilities. We have a large database of commercial objects for sale in Ukraine and abroad.

Commercial Real Estate Abroad


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