Accounting services in the Czech Republic for firms, taxes

Accounting Services in the Czech Republic

Accounting in the Czech Republic is an important part of business activities. Most companies in the Czech Republic, regardless of the size of the business and the turnover of money, require accounting services and accounting support in the process of organizing and running a business. Accountant services in the Czech Republic are needed to organize and maintain proper accounting for firms. Accounting firm in the Czech Republic should be engaged in professional accountants who are well-versed in accounting, reporting and taxation of the Czech Republic. Professional accounting services in the Czech Republic save time and money, as well as contribute to the growth and optimization of business financial indicators. Accounting services in the Czech Republic are provided to clients in Prague in Russian, Czech and English. Need an accountant in the Czech Republic?

Accounting Services for Firms in the Czech Republic:

  • Consultation on Accounting and tax accounting in the Czech Republic
  • Legal Advice on taxes, business organization in the Czech Republic
  • Preparation of Documents and obtaining the number of the taxpayer in the Czech Republic
  • Accounting in the Czech Republic
  • Control Datová schránka
  • Registration of the Company in the Tax Authorities of the Czech Republic
  • Registration of Employees for the Company and their registration with social and medical insurance funds
  • Payroll and Taxes
  • VAT reporting (DPH - Dan z pridane hodnoty). VAT in the Czech Republic - 15-21% (depending on the type of activity)
  • Maintenance of Foreign Trade Activities
  • Preparation and Submission of Reports (profit and loss statement, balance sheet, explanation of the report, income tax declaration and annex to the declaration)
  • Audit
  • Tax Advice, tax planning and tax optimization
  • VAT Refund
  • Preparation of Planned and unplanned balance sheet
  • Preparation and Filing of tax returns
  • Preparation of Documents for a Residence Permit in the Czech Republic
  • Preparation and Submission of zero reporting and other

income tax in the Czech Republic for business - 19%

Our accountants in the Czech Republic keep accounts of the firms of LLC (sr.r.o.), individual entrepreneurs - PE, joint-stock companies, cooperatives, individuals. Accounting statements for the company must be submitted annually 1 time per year from January 1 to March 31, with the possibility of postponing the deadline to June 30.

company registration in the Czech Republic

A highly qualified Czech accountant is the basis for successful business management and development in the Czech Republic. Accounting services of firms in the Czech Republic are provided on a permanent and ad hoc basis. We provide clients with a wide range of accounting in the Czech Republic, as well as provide tax advice on Czech tax legislation.

income tax in the Czech Republic for individuals - 15% 


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