Sale of a company

Sale of business and sale of the company, re-registration of the company to a new owner after the sale, re-registration of corporate rights

Our law firm provides legal support for the purchase and sale of industrial enterprises and companies abroad, as well as legal support for the investment in industrial commercial facilities and other related services for the process of re-registration of a business for a new owner. The purchase of an operating enterprise is necessary to expand an existing business, to start a new business or to enter new markets. We have offers for the purchase of registered and operating industrial enterprises with VAT and businesses with a positive history and reputation, formed infrastructure and assets.


The law firm constantly monitors interesting and promising offers for the sale of ready-made businesses abroad. The purchase and sale of a working business is most often carried out entirely through re-registration of corporate rights to a business or through the sale of shares in an enterprise. 


When conducting transactions for the sale of industrial enterprises, our experts provide a wide range of services for re-registration of a business: advice of a lawyer and accountant, business verification, transaction financing and tax minimization, business valuation, enterprise audit, legal support of transactions, preparation of contracts, opening an investment account for the purchase of an enterprise by a foreign company, Due Diligence, notary services and re-registration of property rights, investment support and investment consulting and other services.