Investments in commercial real estate and business


Foreign investment is finance that a foreign investor (company or foreigner) invests in a business with the aim of making a profit or achieving other commercial goals and results. Investment consulting is assistance to businesses in attracting foreign investment, development of financial and investment strategies, search for an investor, structuring and support of investment transactions. For foreign companies that invest in the economy, a special regime for investment and economic activities and guarantees of investment protection are establishe.

Support of investments


Investment service:


  • legal advice on investments;
  • legal support of investment transactions for the purchase of companies;
  • services of a lawyer for legal support of investment transactions with real estate and business;
  • business planning of investments and investment projects;
  • preparation of investment documents, investment analysis and development of an investment memorandum;
  • search for an investor, attraction of investment capital;
  • legal support for investment;
  • opening an investment bank account for the purchase of business and real estate (residential and commercial real estate);
  • preparation of investment contracts;
  • preparation of documents on the value of the investment made in the investment object;
  • immigration services and immigration through investment, business and purchase of real estate (residence permit and citizenship);
  • Due Diligence.


Types of investments: money, foreign currency, property, residential and commercial real estate, shares, intellectual property. The most common type of investment is cash investment.

Investment objects:

  • Commercial real estate and industrial real estate;
  • Industrial enterprises and bases;
  • Agricultural enterprises and farms;
  • Building land (for residential and commercial construction);
  • Investment projects (energy, ecology, transport, transportation, construction, technology, medicine, healthcare, agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, industry, IT, logistics, hotels, restaurant business, tourism, recreation and others);
  • StartUp projects;
  • Residential real estate (apartments, cottages, houses).


Business investment documents from a foreign investor (foreign company or foreigner) must be legalized, with translation of documents from a foreign language and notarization of the translation of documents. Our investment specialists will provide professional legal support for investment projects, optimize the investment process and minimize the financial and investment risks of clients.

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